The 25 Best New Movies Streaming in June 2024

Summer is here, which means you might have some extra time on your hands. Why not watch a great movie? Ah, but finding the right movie to watch on streaming can be a chore. Not to worry, we’ve put together a curated list of some of the best new movies streaming in June — from monster mashes to Oscar contenders to underrated gems that hit theaters earlier this year and are making their streaming debut. Platforms spans Netflix, Prime Video, Max, Hulu and more — there’s a little something for everyone, and we’ve also thrown in some new library titles to put on your watchlist as well.

Check out our picks for the best new movies streaming in June 2024 below.

“Godzilla Minus One”

Godzilla Minus One (Toho Studios)
Godzilla Minus One (Credit: Toho Studios)

Netflix – June 1

Yes. “Godzilla Minus One” is finally streaming. Our long national nightmare is finally over. The movie, which is set before the original 1954 film (hence the “Minus One” in the title), was meant to be in theaters for a limited engagement last December. But it was such a hit that it played for ages. And what’s more – it was the first “Godzilla” entry that was nominated (and then won) an Academy Award, at this year’s ceremony, for visual effects. If you haven’t seen “Godzilla Minus One,” it’s absolutely astounding. Set in the immediate aftermath of World War II, it follows a failed kamikaze pilot Shikishima (Ryunosuke Kamiki) as he searches for meaning in the bombed-out rubble of post-war Japan. Soon, that meaning confronts him, literally, as Godzilla, who Shikishima confronted earlier in the war, makes landfall. Considering that, for the past few years, the only Godzilla we’ve seen is the version in the increasingly silly western series of movies, it’s nice to see the iconic monster returned to his elemental power – scary, fearsome and full of metaphoric dread. This is one of the best Godzilla movies in his seventy-year history and one of the greatest movies of last year. If you missed it the first time around, now is your chance to experience the horror and wonder of “Godzilla Minus One.” And if you’ve already seen it, you’re likely to watch again. And again. – Drew Taylor

“Under Paris”


Netflix – June 5

From Xavier Gens, the French genre filmmaker behind “Frontier(s)” and, more recently, “Mayhem!,” comes a new movie that answers the question we’ve all thought about: what if there was a giant shark swimming around underneath Paris? (Admit it – you’ve wondered.) Bérénice Bejo stars as a scientist attempting to keep the River Seine from running red … with blood. Honestly, what more do you want from the movies? Looks like a total blast. – Drew Taylor

“Am I OK?”

Dakota Johnson in “Am I OK?” (Max)

Max – June 6

This romantic drama, directed by Tig Notaro and her wife Stephanie Allynne, first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival way back in 2022. Now it’s finally premiering as a Max Original. Dakota Johnson plays a woman unlucky in love, who comes to the conclusion that she might be looking for the wrong gender. Sonoya Mizuno, recently seen in “Civil War,” plays her BFF who helps awaken her queerness. The cast also includes Molly Gordon, Kiersey Clemons and Sean Hayes. – Drew Taylor

“Hit Man”

Hit Man
“Hit Man” (Credit: Netflix)

Netflix – June 7

One of the best movies of the year, “Hit Man” debuted at the fall festivals last year, where it won critical acclaim and declarations that co-writer and star Glen Powell’s big movie star moment had arrived. (A couple of months later, this would be cemented by the release of his sleeper hit “Anyone but You.”) “Hit Man,” co-written and directed by Richard Linklater and based on a Texas Monthly article by Skip Hollandsworth (who also wrote an article that Linklater’s earlier, underrated “Bernie” was based on), follows Gary Johnson (Powell), a mild-mannered college professor who moonlights as a fake assassin for the New Orleans Police Department. His life gets markedly more complicated when he falls in love with Madison (Adria Arjona), a woman who tries to hire him to kill her abusive husband. As amusing and soulful as any Linklater project, with a ratatat romantic comedy/thriller vibe that is utterly infectious and will make you swoon while also being perched at the edge of your seat. There’s a reason that, when the movie played as part of the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, the crowd erupted into spontaneous applause before the movie even ended. This is a crowd pleaser of the highest order, so invite some friends over, order a pizza and try to reproduce the sensation of seeing this in the biggest auditorium possible. – Drew Taylor


Jon Bernthal and Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor in 'Origin'
Jon Bernthal and Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor in “Origin” (Neon)

Hulu – June 10

“Selma” filmmaker Ava DuVernay’s 2023 film “Origin” is an ambitious adaptation of Isabel Wilkerson’s book “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontent.” It’s a narrative film but almost feels like a documentary in places as it follows Isabel (played by Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor) as she travels to India, Germany and the United States to study the influence of caste systems. It culminates in a powerful look at the origins of racism. – Adam Chitwood

“Remembering Gene Wilder”

Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder (Credit: The Friars Club)

Netflix – June 13

This documentary offers an intimate look at Gene Wilder, including the battle with Alzheimer’s disease that ultimately ended his life. Using home videos and interviews with Mel Brooks, Alan Alda, Carol Kane, Dick Cavett and Wilder’s wife, “Remembering Gene Wilder” promises a close chronicle of the life of a screen legend. – Adam Chitwood


Brats (Hulu)

Hulu – June 13

This feature-length documentary from Andrew McCarthy investigates the Brat Pack phenomena, which McCarthy was very much a part of. For those who are unaware, the Brat Pack was a group of young actors in the 1980s, who were given that moniker by a 1985 New York Magazine cover story. McCarthy investigates an essential question: “What did it mean to be part of the Brat Pack?” How does he get to the bottom of this? By talking to his fellow Brat Packers (and Brat Pack-adjacent actors), including Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Ally Sheedy, Emilio Estevez, Jon Cryer, Lea Thompson and Timothy Hutton. (It’s unclear why Molly Ringwald wasn’t involved; maybe the documentary will explain her omission.) Judging by the trailer, this looks like a fun, entertaining, breezy examination of a very specific time in pop culture. And there will probably be some pretty good juice, considering that McCarthy hasn’t seen some of these people in decades. Do old grudges die hard? Maybe. But maybe being a part of the Brat Pack is a bond that transcends time and hurt feelings. Cannot wait. – Drew Taylor

“Ultraman: Rising”

Ultraman Rising

Netflix – June 14

Ultraman, a character introduced on Japanese television back in 1966, is a hugely recognizable pop culture icon. And now he’s finally coming to America in an exciting animated feature. “Ultraman: Rising” is built around an ingenious premise – what if Ultraman (voiced by Christopher Sean), a towering superhero, was forced to raise the orphaned child of one of his more fearsome enemies. (He battles Godzilla-style kaiju, of course.) Co-written and directed by Shannon Tindle, the filmmaker behind Netflix’s Emmy-winning limited series “Lost Ollie,” “Ultraman: Rising” is as exciting as it is moving. This is a movie full of giant superheroes and equally oversized monsters, but it’s really about the bonds of family and the importance of understanding. Featuring animation by Industrial Light & Magic, the visual effects house George Lucas started for “Star Wars,” and embracing a brilliant art style that combines the look of Japanese comic books, tokusatsu cinema and anime and a story that will make you cry one minute and cheer the next, “Ultraman: Rising” is fun for the entire family. Even if you’ve never heard of Ultraman, you’ll still have a blast. It’s never too late to love Ultraman. Also, stick around during the credits … there’s something special hidden within. – Drew Taylor

“Monkey Man”

Dev Patel in Monkey Man
Dev Patel in Monkey Man (Universal Pictures)

Peacock – June 14

The directorial debut of Dev Patel, who also co-wrote, produced and stars, “Monkey Man” is an old fashioned revenge story, but updated with modern political concerns and some post-“John Wick” flair. Patel’s Kid had his life upended when his mother was killed and his home was destroyed. Years later, he sets out on an elaborate (and quite violent) quest for vengeance. (He hones his toughness via underground boxing matches, where he adapts the Monkey Man moniker, based on a folktale his mother used to read to him.) It’s easy to see why “Monkey Man,” which was initially picked up by Netflix only to be dropped later, appealed to producer Jordan Peele, who worked with Patel to make it the best (and most brutal) it could be. You can feel the flavor of several of the filmmakers Patel has collaborated with in the past – there are Dickensian overtones straight out of Danny Boyle’s “Slumdog Millionaire” and the more mythic scope of his “Green Night” director David Lowery. With “Monkey Man,” Patel made a visceral and visually arresting debut. We can’t wait for movie #2. – Drew Taylor

“Trigger Warning”

Jessica Alba in “Trigger Warning” (Netflix)

Netflix – June 21

Everybody needs their own “John Wick.” Including Jessica Alba. In “Trigger Warning,” Alba plays an ex-Special Forces commando who, following her father’s death, takes over his small-town bar. Wouldn’t you know it, though, she’s soon forced to square off a violent local gang who is terrorizing the town. Anthony Michael Hall stars as a politican who we are guessing does not have our new bar owner’s interests in mind. Listen, this all works for us. The film comes from Indonesian filmmaker Mouly Surya, from a script that was worked on by the writers of “A History of Violence” and “The Game.” Plus it was produced by Thunder Road, the folks behind the “John Wick” movies. They know a thing or two about blood-drenched revenge sagas. – Drew Taylor

“Kung Fu Panda 4”

(from left) Shifu (Dustin Hoffman) and Po (Jack Black) in DreamWorks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda 4, directed by Mike Mitchell.
“Kung Fu Panda 4” (Credit: Universal/DreamWorks)

Peacock – June 21

One of the year’s biggest movies, “Kung Fu Panda 4” has grossed more than $500 million since opening earlier this spring. And you know what? It deserves it. “Kung Fu Panda 4” is a ton of fun. It gently expands the mythology of the original films, maintaining Jack Black as Po and the series’ colorful world of martial arts-obsessed animals and introducinga fair amount of new elements – chiefly, Viola Davis’ villainous Chameleon and Awkwafina’s untrustworthy fox thief. This time around, Po is trying to stop the Chameleon from bringing back previous villains from the spirit realm. Director Mike Mitchell, a DreamWorks legend thanks to his work on “Trolls” and “Shrek Forever After,” stages inventive action sequences and nuanced character beats with a similar sense of fun. And Black doesn’t miss a beat with his return to the franchise, settling into the character like a comfortable pair of sweatpants. (He first essayed the character back in 2008.) Not only does “Kung Fu Panda 4” remind you what’s so special about this franchise but it also makes you hungry for additional installments. Judging by that box office, there will be more. Sooner rather than later, we’d guess. – Drew Taylor


Frankie Corio and Paul Mescal in Charlotte Wells’ “Aftersun” / A24

Netflix – June 24

Paul Mescal is all the rage, and if you didn’t know him from the brilliant Hulu series “Normal People” you definitely came to know him from his 2022 film “Aftersun.” The drama comes to Netflix this month, but have tissues handy. Set in the late 1990s, the film follows an 11-year-old Scottish girl who visits Turkey with her young father (played by Mescal). It’s a quiet drama without much traditional plot, but it digs at deep and uncomfortable themes as it traces this difficult father-daughter relationship. Mescal earned an Oscar nomination for his performance. – Adam Chitwood

“Out of Darkness”

Signature Entertainment

Paramount+ – June 24

Who doesn’t love a good prehistoric thriller? “Out of Darkness,” originally titled “The Origin,” was described by its director Andrew Cumming as “”a paleolithic horror film,” which is as good a description as any. The film follows a group of neolithic humans, who start to get picked off one by one, stalked by an unseen enemy as they attempt to advance their lives. Of course, there’s a big twist involving this unseen force that we won’t give away here, but once the twist comes, the movie takes on an even more contemplative, philosophical vibe. This movie probably would have made more of a splash if it didn’t feel like Dan Trachtenberg’s “Prey” had already eaten its lunch. Well maybe not eaten it completely. But at least taken out a very big chunk. Still, adventurous genre fans unafraid of a more deliberate pace will be richly rewarded for checking out “Out of Darkness.” – Drew Taylor

“I Am: Celine Dion”

Celine Dion
Celine Dion speaks onstage during the 66th GRAMMY Awards (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Prime Video – June 25

Much has been made in recent years about the health battles plaguing Celine Dion, and the documentary “I Am: Celine Dion” offers the songstress a chance to tell her story in her own words. The film celebrates Dion’s life while also chronicling her battle with a rare disorder called stiff-person syndrome, which threatens to take her off the stage. If the trailer is any indication, this one’s gonna be a tearjerker. – Adam Chitwood

“A Family Affair”


Netflix – June 28

If “The Idea of You” was your bag, you’re gonna want to check out “A Family Affair.” The film tells the story of a movie star (played by Zac Efron) who falls in love with the mother (Nicole Kidman) of his assistant (Joey King). Is the next in a recent trend of May December romcoms, but this one has some heft behind it — the movie hails from “Bridges of Madison County,” “The Horse Whipserer” and “Beautiful Creatures” writer Richard Lagravenese, who also directs. – Adam Chitwood

“Fancy Dance”

Significant Productions/Apple TV+

Apple TV+ – June 28

As Lily Gladstone was making the awards rounds for her astounding performance in “Killers of the Flower Moon,” another film of hers was struggling to find distribution. Now, finally, “Fancy Dance” sees the light of day. Cowritten and directed by Erica Tremblay, the film follows a woman who devotes her free time to searching for her missing sister while caring for her niece on the Seneca-Cayuga Nation Reservation. – Adam Chitwood


Julio Torres and Tilda Swinton in “Problemista” (Credit: A24)

Max – June 28

Another one of the very best films of 2024, A24’s low wattage charmer “Problemista” has a spirit all of its own. It stars Julio Torres, who also wrote, produced and directed the film, as Alejandro, whose work visa is revoked after a screw-up at the cryogenics factory where he works. (He dreams of becoming a toy designer for Hasbro; it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.) In order to keep his citizenship and avoid being deported to El Salvador, he begins working for an eccentric rich weirdo played by Tilda Swinton (because of course). But what seems like it could go in a very one-dimensional direction, with Swinton in the Cruella de Vil/Miranda Priestly mode, and Torres forced to suffer her abuse, it’s actually much stranger and much more moving. Torres is a truly one-of-a-kind talent, offering a New York City inhabited by strange, beguiling, sometimes broken spirits longing for connection. “Problemista” is fun to watch and often hilarious, but it’s also one of the year’s more overwhelmingly emotional movies. There’s a sweetness to it that is indescribable and essential. This movie will soothe your worried soul. – Drew Taylor


Universal Pictures

Netflix – June 1

Sam Mendes’ one-shot World War I film earned a boatload of Oscars, and deservedly so. The film is presented as one long, unbroken take (for which cinematographer Roger Deakins won an Academy Award) as it follows a soldier played by George MacKay through one day on the battlefield in April, 1917. It’s an astounding accomplishment and best watched with your full attention. Andrew Scott, Benedict Cumberbatch, Richard Madden and Mark Strong all have memorable but small roles as MacKay’s character makes his way through the muck. – Adam Chitwood

“The Breakfast Club”

The Breakfast Club

Netflix – June 1

With “Brats” hitting Hulu this month, now’s the perfect time to revisit John Hughes’ perfect “The Breakfast Club.” The 1985 film chronicles a single day of Saturday detention for five high school students, all from different backgrounds/cliques, and finds them bonding in surprising ways. The level at which this film gets the teenage struggle remains a stunning feat, and there’s something magical about the chemistry of Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy and Anthony Michael Hall altogether. – Adam Chitwood



Netflix – June 1

Before “The Florida Project” or “Red Rocket,” filmmaker Sean Baker burst onto the scene with his 2015 comedy “Tangerine” – shot entirely on an iPhone. Kitana Kiki Rodriguez stars as a trans sex worker living in Los Angeles who finds out that her boyfriend and pimp has been cheating on her. While it looks like an indie and tackles some heavy material at times, the film has the tone and pacing of a raucous comedy, and is all the better for it. Even better to brush up on Baker’s breakout film ahead of the release of his new film “Anora,” which won the Palme d’Or at Cannes this year. – Adam Chitwood

“La La Land”

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in La La Land
Dale Robinette/Summit Entertainment

Netflix – June 1

“La La Land” is great. Damien Chazelle’s 2016 film may go down in history as the movie that accidentally won Best Picture at the Oscars, but it deserves to be remembered as one of the greatest musicals ever made. This is a heart-on-sleeve love story between two dreamers trying to make it in Los Angeles, played by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. But what makes Chazelle’s take stand out (beyond the incredible songs and gorgeous cinematography by Linus Sandgren) is that he’s unafraid to get sad. This is a story about those paths in life not taken, those woulda-coulda-shouldas and what we leave behind. – Adam Chitwood

The “Bourne” Trilogy

Universal Pictures

Peacock – June 1

Oh my God it’s Jason Bourne. The good ones! The original “Bourne” trilogy is one of the best series of action films ever made, and director Doug Liman’s 2002 original established an entirely new mode of action cinema that would be copied for decades to come. Matt Damon is terrific as an assassin who’s lost his memory, and while “Identity” sets things off, director Paul Greengrass’ “The Bourne Supremacy” and “The Bourne Ultimatum” are even better, deepening the intrigue and spycraft while ramping up the in-your-face stunts to new levels. Jason Bourne beats a guy with a rolled up magazine. – Adam Chitwood

“Galaxy Quest”

DreamWorks Pictures

Paramount+ – June 1

Widely regarded by “Star Trek” fans as one of the best “Trek” movies ever made – despite the fact that it is not actually a “Star Trek” movie – “Galaxy Quest” is a hilarious riff on the iconic sci-fi franchise. Tim Allen stars as the washed-up star of a popular sci-fi TV show who now makes appearances at conventions (begrudgingly) with his former co-stars. But when the crew gets whisked away by actual aliens who have mistaken their TV series for “historical documents,” these selfish actors get in way over their heads. – Adam Chitwood

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