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24 Books to Read Before They Become TV & Movies This Year

The book-to-film (or TV) adaptation is almost as old as the medium itself. That's because the formula works: 1) Snag the rights to the latest bestseller ; 2) cast a buzzy star—Timothée Chalamet, ideally—in a pivotal role; 3) tweak the script a bit, for storytelling purposes; 4) release, rinse, and repeat. Popular books usually come with a fan base attached, and that's when we get the Game of Thrones and Gone Girls of the world: the bestsellers that become mega-hits that become memes (or, uh, “cultural phenomenons”). The success is even sweeter when you get to watch your beloved characters bloom to life onscreen.

But to savor that moment, you’ll need to read the books first. Below, ELLE.com surveys the best book-to-screen adaptations headed to screens this year, as well as where to scoop up the all-important source material. Just promise not to shoot the messenger if Hollywood mucks up your favorite read. We know the book was better.

24 Books to Read Before They Become TV & Movies This Year

There's a lot of reading and binge-watching in your future.