22-year-old patient gets new face, new hands

This 22-year-old got a new face and hands

in the first ever double transplant of its kind

Joe DiMeo was involved in a car accident in 2018

Location: New York

which caused burns over 80% of his body

His chances of finding a suitable donor were just six out of 100

"It was pretty easy for me. I just kept rolling with the punches and, you know, just never gave up, never lost hope.”

The 23-hour-long surgery involved 140 staff

"Well, now I can, I wake up, I can eat breakfast myself and you know work out by myself even on my days off, I still work out. I like to be active and, you know, I am almost there to normal living again and just, you know, my goal is to move out of my parents house again. And get back to normal living."