2024 Premiere Dates For New & Returning Series On Broadcast, Cable & Streaming

Midseason is the new fall.

As Hollywood and the broader industry continue to recover from the debilitating dual actors and writers strikes, the 2024 television landscape is coming into focus. All of the broadcast networks have set return dates for most of their shows, but there’s no usual Premiere Week to speak of.

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But as series return to production with lower episode counts this truncated season, here again is Deadline’s annual list of premiere dates for new and returning TV series.

The roster covers hundreds of broadcast, cable and streaming programs debuting through 2024, with many still listed as TBA. It includes series premieres and season debuts, shows returning from hiatus and some one-offs such as live sports and awards specials but not movies. The list includes shows that are in limbo for now but are likely to get premiere dates in the coming months. Note that older premiere dates are listed at the bottom.

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As always, we update this post daily as more dates are revealed. Please send any additions or adjustments to erikpedersen@deadline.com.

July 18:
Press Your Luck (ABC, Season 6)
Lucky 13 (ABC, new game show series)
Those About to Die (Peacock, new drama series)
How I Caught My Killer (Hulu, Season 2)
Kite Man: Hell Yeah! (Max, new adult animated series)
Uninterrupted’s Top Class Tennis (Prime Video, new docuseries)
The West Coast Hustle (MTV, new unscripted series)

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July 19:
Lady in the Lake (Apple TV+, new drama limited series)
Omnivore (Apple TV+, new docuseries)
Betty la Fea, the Story Continues (Prime Video, new comedy series)
El Encargado (Hulu, Season 3)
Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs The World (World of Wonder, Season 2)

July 20:
WNBA All-Star Game (ABC, live sports special)

July 21:
Snowpiercer (AMC, Season 4; final season, new network)
Forbidden Love (TLC, new unscripted series)

July 22:
History’s Greatest Escapes with Morgan Freeman (History, Season 2)
Fatal Affairs (Investigation Discovery, new docuseries)

July 23:
Dress My Tour (Hulu, new docuseries)
The Surreal Life (MTV, Season 8; new network)
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (MTV, Season 12)
Gods of Tennis (PBS, new docuseries)

July 24:
Time Bandits (Apple TV+, new comedy series)
Charlie Hustle & The Matter of Pete Rose (Max, new docuseries)
Dirty Pop: The Boy Band Scam (Netflix, new docuseries)
Wayne Brady: The Family Remix (Freeform, new unscripted series)

July 25:
Tokyo Swindlers (Netflix, new drama series)
Troppo (Prime Video, Season 2)
Cobra (PBS, Season 3)

July 26:
Olympic Highlights with Kevin Hart and Kenan Thompson (Peacock, new commentary series)
Elite (Netflix, Season 8; final season)
Russurected Rides (Netflix, new docuseries)
Antiques Roadshow Recut (PBS, Season 4)
Love After Lockup (WEtv, Season 6)

July 28:
Hotel Portofino (PBS, Season 3)

July 29:
Futurama (Hulu, Season 12)
Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out (VH1, Season 21)
Good Morning Football (NFL Network/Roku Channel, Season 8)
GMFB: Overtime (Roku Channel, new aftershow series)
Prison Chronicles (History, new docuseries)
Signora Volpe (Acorn TV, Season 2)

July 31:
Let’s Make a Deal Primetime (CBS, Season 4; moved from August 7)
Women in Blue (Apple TV+, new drama series)

August 1:
Miss Teen USA Pageant (The CW, live special)
Unstable (Netflix, Season 2)
Influenced (Prime Video, new talk show series)
Love Is Blind: México (Netflix, new dating competition series)
Batman: Caped Crusader (Prime Video, new animated series)

August 4:
Miss USA Pageant (The CW, live special)

August 5:
Gabby’s Dollhouse (Netflix, Season 10)
Judy Justice (Prime Video, Season 3B)

August 6:
Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Chicago Bears (HBO, Season 21)

August 7:
Dance Moms: A New Era (Hulu, new competition series reboot)
See No Evil (Investigation Discovery, Season 13)

August 8:
The Umbrella Academy (Netflix, Season 4; final season)
The Mallorca Files (Prime Video, Season 3)
Kold x Windy (AllBlk, Season 2)

August 9:
Yo Gabba GabbaLand! (Apple TV+, new children’s series)
Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Paramount+, new animated series)
The Braxtons (WEtv, new unscripted series)
Wiggin’ Out with Tokyo Stylez (WEtv, new unscripted series)

August 11:
SEAL Team (Paramount+, Season 7; final season)
Industry (HBO, Season 3)
Hollywood Black (MGM+, new documentary miniseries)
Gangland Chronicles (History, new docuseries)

August 12:
Celebrity IOU (HGTV, Season 8)
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (PBS Kids, Season 7)

August 13:
100 Day Hotel Challenge (HGTV, new competition series)

August 14:
Bad Monkey (Apple TV+, new comedy series)
The Challenge 40: Battle of the Eras (MTV, Season 40)
Good Bones (HGTV, “Limited” Season 9)

August 15:
Emily in Paris (Netflix, Season 4A)
Bel-Air (Peacock, Season 3)
Hop (Max, Season 1B)
Rick and Morty: The Anime (Adult Swim, new anime series)

August 16:
RuPaul’s Drag Race Global All Stars (Paramount+, new competition series)

August 18:
Chimp Crazy (HBO, new docuseries)

August 19:
Democratic National Convention (various networks, live political event)
The Anonymous (USA Network/Bravo/Syfy, new game show series)

August 21:
Icons Unearthed: Harry Potter (Vice, new docuseries)

August 22:
Reasonable Doubt (Hulu, Season 2)
GG Precinct (Netflix, new drama series)

August 23:
Pachinko (Apple TV+, Season 2)

August 24:
College Football (ABC, new season)

August 25:
City of God: The Fight Rages On (Max, new drama series)
Evil Lives Here (Investigation Discovery, Season 15)
Married to Evil (Investigation Discovery, Season 2)

August 27:
Only Murders in the Building (Hulu, Season 4)

August 28:
Odysseus Returns (PBS, Season 3)

August 29:
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (Prime Video, Season 2)
KAOS (Netflix, new drama series)
Terminator Zero (Netflix, new anime series)
Chastity High (Netflix, new drama series)

August 30:
Inside the NFL (The CW, Season 2)
Breathless (Netflix, new drama series)

August 31:
HCBU College Football (HBCU Go, new season)

August TBA:
Untitled Steph Curry/Adam Pally Project (Peacock, new comedy series; working title)
Mermaid Magic (Netflix, new animated series)

Summer TBA:
Queens Court (Peacock, Season 2)
The Girl on the Milk Carton (Oxygen, new docuseries; working title)

September 1:
The Chosen (The CW, Season 4)

September 4:
Slow Horses (Apple TV+, Season 4)

September 5:
Sunday Night Football (NBC, Season 38)
The Perfect Couple (Netflix, new drama series)

September 6:
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (The CW, Season 13)
Power Book II: Ghost (Starz, Season 4B; final season)

September 7:
Love & Marriage: Detroit (OWN, Season 2; moved from July 27)

September 8:
Football Night in America (NBC, Season 19)
Sunday Night Football (NBC, Season 38, time period premiere)
Universal Basic Guys (Fox, new animated comedy series)

September 9:
Monday Night Football (ESPN/ABC, Season 55)
Judy Justice (Prime Video, Season 3)

September 10:
Joe Biden-Donald Trump Presidential Debate (ABC, live special)

September 12:
Emily in Paris (Netflix, Season 4B)

September 13:
How to Die Alone (Hulu, new comedy series)
WWE Monday Night Raw (USA Network, new season; moving to Netflix in 2025)
WWE SmackDown (USA Network, new season; moving to Netflix in 2025)
Three Women (Starz, new drama limited series)
First-Time Buyer’s Club (OWN, Season 2)

September 15:
Tulsa King (Paramount+, Season 2)
Ridley (PBS, Season 2)
Van Der Valk (PBS, Season 4)
Masterpiece: Moonflowers Murders (PBS, new drama series)

September 16:
Antiques Roadshow (PBS, Season 28)

September 17:
Dancing with the Stars (ABC, Season 33)
High Potential (ABC, new drama series; moved from 2023)

September 18:
Survivor (CBS, Season 47)
The Golden Bachelorette (ABC, new dating competition series)
Agatha All Along (Disney+, new drama series)
Big Cats 24/7 (PBS, new docuseries)

September 19:
Frasier (Paramount+, Season 2)
Twilight of the Gods (Netflix, new animated comedy series)

September 20:
20/20 (ABC, Season 47)
La Maison (Apple TV+, new drama series)

September 21:
48 Hours (CBS, Season 38)

September 22:
60 Minutes (CBS, Season 57)
Matlock (CBS, new drama series reboot)
Rescue: HI-Surf (Fox, new drama series)

September 23:
The Voice (NBC, Season 26)
Brilliant Minds (NBC, new drama series)
9-1-1: Lone Star (Fox, Season 5)
Rescue: HI-Surf (Fox, time period premiere)

September 24:
Murder in a Small Town (Fox, new drama series)

September 25:
Chicago Med (NBC, Season 10)
Chicago Fire (NBC, Season 13)
Chicago P.D. (NBC, Season 12)
The Masked Singer (Fox, Season 12)
The Floor (Fox, Season 2)

September 26:
9-1-1 (ABC, Season 8)
Doctor Odyssey (ABC, new drama series)
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, Season 21)
Hell’s Kitchen (Fox, Season 23)
Crime Scene Kitchen (Fox, Season 3)
People’s Choice Country Awards (NBC, live awards special)
Nobody Wants This (Netflix, new comedy series)

September 27:
Dateline NBC (NBC, Season 33)

September 29:
America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC, Season 35)
The Wonderful World of Disney (ABC, new season)
The Summit (CBS, new competition series)
The Simpsons (Fox, Season 36)
Universal Basic Guys (Fox, time period premiere)
Bob’s Burgers (Fox, Season 15)
Krapopolis (Fox, Season 2)
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon – The Book of Carol (AMC, Season 2)

September TBA:
The Penguin (HBO, new drama series; moved from Max)
Trigger Point (BritBox, Season 2)

October 1:
The Irrational (NBC, Season 2)
Accused (Fox, Season 2)
Murder in a Small Town (Fox, time period premiere)
WWE NXT (The CW, network premiere)

October 2:
Sullivan’s Crossing (The CW, Season 2)

October 3:
Law & Order (NBC, Season 24)
Law & Order: SVU (NBC, Season 26)
Found (NBC, Season 2)
Heartstopper (Netflix, Season 3)

October 6:
Undead Unluck (Hulu, new anime series)

October 7:
Celebrity Wheel of Fortune (ABC, Season 4)
Press Your Luck (ABC, Season 6)
Scrabble (The CW, new game show series)
Trivial Pursuit (The CW, new game show series)

October 8:
Citizen Nation (PBS, new documentary miniseries)

October 10:
Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft (Netflix, new animated series)

October 11:
Disclaimer (Apple TV+, new drama series)

October 14:
NCIS (CBS, Season 22)
NCIS: Origins (CBS, new drama series)

October 15:
FBI (CBS, Season 7)
FBI: International (CBS, Season 4)
FBI: Most Wanted (CBS, Season 6)

October 17:
George & Mandy’s First Marriage (CBS, new comedy series)
Ghosts (CBS, Season 4)
Elsbeth (CBS, Season 2)
Superman & Lois (The CW, Season 4; final season)

October 18:
S.W.A.T. (CBS, Season 8)
Fire Country (CBS, Season 3)
Blue Bloods (CBS, Season 14B; final season)
Happy’s Place (NBC, new comedy series)
Lopez vs. Lopez (NBC, Season 3)

October 21:
The Neighborhood (CBS, Season 7)
Poppa’s House (CBS, new comedy series)

October 24:
That ’90s Show (Fox, Season 2B)
Like a Dragon: Yakuza (Prime Video, new anime series)

October 27:
The Marlow Murder Club (PBS, new drama series)

October TBA:
Passenger (BritBox, Season 1)

November 3:
Tracker (CBS, Season 2)
The Equalizer (CBS, Season 5)

November 10:
Yellowstone (Paramount Network, Season 5B; final season; moved from November 2023)

November 12:
St. Denis Medical (NBC, new comedy series)

November 13:
Children Ruin Everything (The CW, Season 4)

November 14:
Cross (Prime Video, new drama series)
Carl the Collector (PBS Kids, new children’s animated series)

November 15:
Cobra Kai (Netflix, Season 6B; final season)

November 16:
The Saints (Fox Nation, new docudrama series)

November 17:
Landman (Paramount+, new drama series)

November 18:
Leonardo da Vinci (PBS, new documentary miniseries)

November 19:
Night Court (NBC, Season 3)
Interior Chinatown (Hulu, new drama series)

November 22:
Outlander (Starz, Season 7B)

November 29:
Senna (Netflix, new docuseries)

November TBA:
Dune: Prophecy (new HBO drama series; moved from Max)
Arcane (Netflix, Season 2)
Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday Throwdown (Food Network, Season 3)

December 3:
Hard Knocks: In Season with the AFC North (HBO, Season 4)

December 8:
Lucy Worsley’s Holmes vs. Doyle (PBS, new documentary miniseries)

December 17:
Craft in America (PBS, Season 16)

Fall TBA:
Hot Wheels: Let’s Race (Netflix, Season 2)
Law & Order: Organized Crime (Peacock, Season 5; new network)
A Real Bug’s Life (Disney+, Season 2)
Limitless with Chris Hemsworth (Disney+, Season 2)
Star Trek: Lower Decks (Paramount+, Season 5; final season)
From (MGM+, Season 3
Suspect (BritBox, Season 2)
Grotesquerie (FX, new drama series)
Bargain Block (HGTV, Season 4)
Bargain Block: New Orleans (HGTV, Season 4)
Finding Mr. Christmas (Hallmark+, new competition series)
Dateline: The Smoking Gun (Oxygen, new docuseries; working title)
The Alissa Turner Project (Oxygen, new docuseries; working title)
Serial Killer Capital: Los Angeles (Oxygen, new docuseries; working title)
Philly Homicide (Oxygen, new docuseries; working title)
A Plan to Kill (Oxygen, new docuseries; working title)
Snapped (Oxygen, Season 34)
Snapped: Behind Bars (Oxygen, Season 2)
Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins (Oxygen, Season 3)
Real Murders of Atlanta (Oxygen, Season 3)
Tamron Hall (Syndication, Season 6)
The Flip Side (Syndication, new game show series)

2024 TBA:
Jeopardy! (ABC, Season 40)
Wheel of Fortune (ABC, Season 42)
The $100,000 Pyramid (ABC, Season 6; moved from July 9)
61st Street (The CW, Season 2; new network)
Squid Game (Netflix, Season 2)
You (Netflix, Season 5; final season)
The Night Agent (Netflix, Season 2)
Big Mouth (Netflix, Season 8; final season)
The Diplomat (Netflix, Season 2)
Rhythm + Flow (Netflix, Season 2)
Empress (Netflix, Season 2)
The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth (Netflix, new docuseries)
Glamorous (Netflix, new drama series)
Soul Mate (Netflix, new drama series)
My Life with the Walter Boys (Netflix, Season 2)
Jentry Chau vs. the World (Netflix, new animated comedy series)
Gamara: Rebirth (Netflix, new anime series)
Pokémon Concierge (Netflix, new anime series)
Shardlake (Disney+, new drama series)
Agatha: Darkhold Diaries (Disney+, new drama series; moved from 2023)
Star Wars: Skeleton Crew (Disney+, new drama series)
Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls (Prime Video, Season 2)
Bosch: Legacy (Prime Video, Season 3)
Twin Love (Prime Video/Freevee, new series)
The Power (Prime Video, new drama series)
The Ride (Prime Video, new unscripted series)
Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets (Prime Video, new unscripted series)
Wilderness (Prime Video, new drama series)
Kings of Fi$h (Prime Video, Season 2)
The Tipping Point (Peacock/MSNBC, new documentary series)
Mittens & Pants (Peacock, new children’s animated series)
The Last Thing He Told Me (Apple TV+, new drama limited series)
Sago Mini Friends (Apple TV+, Season 2)
The Pitt (Max, new drama series)
Julia (Max, Season 2)
Bookie (Max, new comedy series)
Kite Man: Hell Yeah! (Max, new animated series)
Nöthin’ but a Good Time: The Uncensored Story of ’80s Hair Metal (Paramount+, new documentary miniseries)
The Turkish Detective (Paramount+, new drama series)
Knuckles (Paramount+, new action-comedy series)
Nine Perfect Strangers (Hulu, Season 2)
It’s All Country (Hulu, new docuseries)
Tiny Beautiful Things (Hulu, new drama series)
Rachael Ray’s Rebuild (Hulu, new docuseries)
Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story (Hulu, new docuseries)
Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew (Roku Channel, Season 2; new network)
UFO Cowboys (Roku Channel, new unscripted series)ev
Demascus (AMC, new comedy series)
Invitation to a Bonfire (AMC, new drama series)
Outlander (Starz, Season 8; final season)
What We Do in the Shadows (FX, Season 6; final season)
The Old Man (FX, Season 2)
Gladiator: American Sports Story (FX, new drama series)
The English Teacher (FX, comedy series)
Jersey Shore Family Vacation (MTV, Season 7B)
The Joe Schmo Show (TBS, new prank series revival)
The Cube (TBS, Season 2; moved from January 8)
The Lazarus Project (TNT, Season 2; moved from January 23)
Bunk’d (Disney Channel, Season 7)
Big Little Brawlers (Discovery, new docuseries)
Eye of the Storm (Discovery, new docuseries)
Hustlers Gamblers Crooks (Discovery, new docuseries)
Mud Wild (Discovery, new docuseries)
Untitled Expedition Show (Discovery, new docuseries)
Vegas Tow (Discovery, new docuseries)
Love After Lockup: Crime Story (WEtv, new unscripted series)
Untitled Social Experiment from Studio Lambert (USA Network, new unscripted series)
90 Day: The Last Resort (TLC, Season 2)
Ready, Set, Glow! (Hallmark+, new docuseries)
Love & Marriage: Detroit (OWN, Season 2)
The Bulletin with Pamela Brown (CNN, new afternoon news show)
Silos Baking Competition (Magnolia Network, Season 2)
Second Chance Stage (Magnolia Network, new competition series; working title)
Human vs. Hamster (Magnolia Network, new competition series)
Back to the Frontier (Magnolia Network, new competition series; working title)
Roller Jam (Magnolia Network, new competition series; working title
Fixer to Fabulous: Italiano (HGTV, new docuseries)
ComicView (BET+, new stand-up comedy series revival)
Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale (Sundance Now/AMC+, new drama series)
Accident, Suicide or Murder (Oxygen, Season 5)
Texas Justice with Kelly Siegler (Oxygen, new docuseries)
Sin City Murders (Oxygen, new docuseries)
The First Mindhunter (Oxygen, new docuseries)
Untitled Cori Broadus and Snoop Dogg Project (E!, new docuseries)
Tiny Toons Looniversity (Cartoon Network/Max, new animated comedy series)
House of Villains (E!, Season 2)
Drag Race Down Under (World of Wonder, Season 4)

Premiered so far in 2024:

January 1:
America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League (NBC, new competition series)
NHL Winter Classic (TNT, live sports special)
Celebrity IOU (HGTV, Season 7)
90 Day: The Single Life (TLC, Season 4)
90 Day The Single Life: Pillow Talk (TLC, Season 4)
The Curious Case of Natalia Grace: Natalia Speaks (Investigation Discovery, new documentary miniseries)

January 2:
Celebrity Jeopardy! (ABC, Season 2B)
Extended Family (NBC, new comedy series; time slot premiere)
Night Court (NBC, Season 2; time slot premiere)
The Floor (Fox, new game show series)
Celebrity Name That Tune (Fox, Season 3C)
Jessica’s Big Little World (Max, Season 1B)
Moonshiners (Discovery, Season 13)
Good Trouble (Freeform, Season 5B; final season)
Road Wars (A&E, Season 3)
Finding Your Roots (PBS, Season 10)
The Island of 30 Coffins (MHz, new docuseries)

January 3
I Can See Your Voice (Fox, Season 4)
We Are Family (Fox, new game show series)
Ishura (Hulu, new animated series)
Sistas (BET, Season 7)
Classroom of the Elite (Crunchyroll, Season 3)

January 4:
The Brothers Sun (Netflix, new drama series)
Delicious in Dungeon (Netflix, new animated series)
Daughters of the Cult (Hulu, new docuseries)
Swamp People (History, Season 15)
Swamp Mysteries (History, Season 2)
The First 48 (A&E, Season 25)
Barnwood Blunders (Magnolia Network, Season 17)
The Power of Film (TMC, new docuseries)
Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale (Sundance Now, new drama series)
Hudson & Rex (UPtv, Season 5)
The Jackie Redmond Show (NHL’s YouTube channel, new talk show series)

January 5:
RuPaul’s Drag Race (MTV, Season 16)
RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked (MTV, Season 16)
James May: Our Man In … (Prime Video, Season 3)
LOL: Last One Laughing Quebec (Prime Video, Season 2)
Ancient Aliens (History, Season 20)
Friday Night Vibes (TBS, new monthly talk show revival)
Astrid (PBS, Season 3)
Beachfront Bargain Hunt Renovation (Magnolia Network, Season 8)
The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard (Lifetime, new docuseries)
The Demon Prince of Momochi House (Crunchyroll, new anime series)
Sasaki and Peeps (Crunchyroll, new anime series)

January 6:
The Next Bite (Discovery, Season 10)
Chasin’ the Sun (Discovery, Season 9)
Fly Rod Chronicles (Discovery, Season 4)
The Pioneer Woman (Food Network, Season 36)
The Incredible Dr. Pol (Nat Geo Wild, Season 13)
The Incredible Pol Farm (Nat Geo Wild, new docuseries)
Love & Marriage: Huntsville Reunion (OWN, new unscripted miniseries)
Fox News Saturday Night (Fox News Channel, Season 2)
Solo Leveling (Crunchyroll, new anime series)
Mashle: Magic and Muscles (Crunchyroll, Season 2)
A Sign of Affection (Crunchyroll, new anime series)
Jack Taylor (Ovation, Season 2)
My Classic Car (MotorTrend, Season 28)

January 7:
81st Golden Globe Awards (CBS, live awards special)
Grimsburg (Fox, Season 2; time slot premiere February 18)
The Great North (Fox, Season 4; time slot premiere February 18)
Home Town (HGTV, Season 8)
Miss Scarlet and The Duke (PBS, Season 4)
All Creatures Great and Small (PBS, Season 4)
Funny Woman (PBS, Season 1 of British drama series)
Extreme Airport Africa (Smithsonian Channel, new docuseries)
Highway Through Hell (Weather Channel, Season 12)

January 8:
Antiques Roadshow (PBS, Season 27)
90 Day Diaries (TLC, Season 5)
Cash Cab Music (AXS TV, new docuseries)
Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends (Disney Channel, Season 3
A History of the World in Six Glasses (Fox Nation, new docuseries)
Tsukimichi – Moonlit Fantasy (Crunchyroll, Season 2)

January 9:
La Brea (NBC, Season 3; final season)
Echo (Disney+, new drama series; moved from November 29)
Safe Home (Hulu, new drama limited series)
TGL Golf (ESPN/ESPN+, inaugural match of team golf league)
Caught in the Act: Unfaithful (MTV, Season 3)
Big Little Brawlers (Discovery Channel, new docuseries)
The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Reunion (Bravo, new unscripted miniseries)
TMZ Presents: UFO Revolution (Tubi, new docuseries)

January 10:
Criminal Record (Apple TV+, new drama series)
See No Evil (Max, Season 12)
Break Point (Netflix, Season 2)
The Trust: A Game of Greed (Netflix, new competition series
The Infomercials That Sold Us (Fox Nation, new documentary miniseries)
Nine Lives Of … (Vice, new docuseries)
Married at First Sight (Lifetime, Season 4)
Booked: First Day In (A&E, Season 2)
Prison Brides (Lifetime, new unscripted series)
Murder Under the Friday Night Lights (Investigation Discovery, SEason 3)
Metallic Rouge (Crunchyroll, new anime series)

January 11:
Children Ruin Everything (The CW, Season 3)
Ted (Peacock, new comedy series)
New Japan Pro-Wrestling (AXS TV, new season)
The Tall Tales of Jim Bridger (INSP, new drama series)
Arctic Circle (Topic, Season 3)
The Witch and the Beast (Crunchyroll, new anime series)

January 12:
The Traitors (Peacock, Season 2)
Skymed (Paramount+, Season 2)
Love Is Blind: Sweden (Netflix, new dating competition series)
Batwheels (Max, Season 2)
Ready to Love (OWN, Season 9)
Uninterrupted’s Top Class (Amazon Freevee, Season 4)
Bluey (Disney Channel, Season 3B)

January 13:
Border Security: America’s Front Line (National Geographic, Season 8)
Fatal Vows (Investigation Discovery, new docuseries)

January 14:
29th Critics Choice Awards (The CW, live awards special)
True Detective: Night Country (HBO, Season 4; moved from 2023)
Monsieur Spade (AMC/Acorn TV, new drama series)
Belgravia: The Next Chapter (MGM+, Season 2)
Bucchigiri?! (Crunchyroll, new anime series)

January 15:
75th Primetime Emmy Awards (Fox, live awards special)

January 16:
After Midnight with Taylor Tomlinson (CBS, new late-night talk show revival)
Death and Other Details (Hulu, new drama series; fka Career Opportunities in Murder and Mayhem)
Life Below Zero (National Geographic, Season 7)
Moonshiners: Master Distiller (History, Season 6)
Iron Insurrection (MotorTrend, Season 7)
The Shift (MHz, Season1 of Danish drama series)

January 17:
Chicago Med (NBC, Season 9)
Chicago Fire (NBC, Season 12)
Chicago P.D. (NBC, Season 11)
Wild Cards (The CW, new drama series)
Family Law (The CW, Season 3)
Trafficked: Underworlds with Mariana van Zeller (National Geographic, new docuseries)

January 18:
Law & Order (NBC, Season 23)
Law & Order: SVU (NBC, Season 25)
Law & Order: Organized Crime (NBC, Season 4)
Sort Of (Max, Season 3; final season)
On the Roam (Max, new docuseries)
Kübra (Netflix, new drama series)
Botched (E!, Season 8B)
Double Cross (AllBlk, Season 5)
Enemy of the People (Topic, Season 1 of Finnish drama series)

January 19:
Transplant (NBC, Season 4; time slot premiere)
Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO, Season 22)
The Woman in the Wall (Showtime, new drama series)
Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? (Max, Season 6)
Love on the Spectrum (Netflix, Season 2)
The Bequeathed (Netflix, new drama series)
Hazbin Hotel (Prime Video, new animated comedy series)
Zorro (Prime Video, new drama series)
Dance Life (Prime Video, new unscripted series)
Indian Police Force (Prime Video, new drama series)
LOL: Last One Laughing Ireland (Prime Video, new competition series)
Cristóbal Balenciaga (Hulu, new drama limited series)
Chad (Roku Channel, Season 2)
Hustlers Gamblers Crooks (Discovery, new docuseries)
Graveyard Carz (MotorTrend, Season 16B)

January 20:
Saturday Night Live (NBC, Season 49B)

January 21:
Captivating the King (Netflix, new drama series)
The Way Home (Hallmark Channel, Season 2)
Love & Translation (TLC, new unscripted series)
Mary Makes It Easy (Food Network, Season 3)
Love & Translation (TLC, new unscripted series)
Lycoris Recoil (Adult Swim, new animated series)

January 22:
The Bachelor (ABC, Season 28)
Untitled 20/20 True-Crime Series (ABC, new docuseries)
America’s Most Wanted (Fox, Season 2)
TMZ Investigates (Fox, Season 4)
America’s Most Wanted (Fox, Season 2 of series revival)
Superhot: The Spicy World of Pepper People (Hulu, new docuseries)
The Impact New York (VH1, new unscripted series)
Battle on the Mountain (HGTV, new competition series)
The Playboy Murders (Investigation Discovery, Season 2)

January 23:
The Winemaker (MHz, Season 1 of German drama series)

January 24:
Queer Eye (Netflix, Season 8)
Six Nations: Full Contact (Netflix, new docuseries)
A Real Bug’s Life (Disney+, new docuseries)
Tell Me You Love Me (Hulu, new drama series)
Jinxed at First (Hulu, new drama series)
Rico to the Rescue (HGTV, Season 2)
Chrissy & Dave Dine Out (Freeform, new docuseries)

January 25:
Son of a Critch (The CW, Season 3)
Masters of the Universe: Revolution (Netflix, new animated drama series)
Griselda (Netflix, new drama miniseries)
In the Know (Peacock, new animated comedy series)
Sexy Beast (Paramount+, new drama series)
Wild & Weird America (Discovery, new documentary series)
Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits (Lifetime, new unscripted series)

January 26:
Expats (Prime Video, new drama limited series)
Masters of the Air (Apple TV+, new drama limited series)
Hightown (Starz, Season 3; final season)
Flex X Cop (Hulu, new comedy series)
Sago Mini Friends (Apple TV+, Season 2)
Border Patrol: Spain (Discovery+, Season 3)

January 27:
NBA Saturday on ABC (ABC, Season 9)
Doctor Slump (Netflix, new drama series)
Love & Marriage: D.C. (OWN, Season 2B)
Jack Taylor (Ovation, Season 3)

January 28:
Next Level Chef (Fox, Season 3)
The Many Lives of Martha Stewart (CNN, new docuseries)

January 29:
The Irrational (NBC, Season 1B)
Mighty Bheen’s Playtime (Netflix, new children’s animated season)
Love Island: All Stars (Peacock, Season 1 of UK competition series)
History’s Greatest Mysteries (History, Season 5)
The Claremont Murders (Acorn TV, new limited series)

January 30:
Quantum Leap (NBC, Season 2B)
Vanderpump Rules (Bravo, Season 11)
NASCAR: Full Speed (Netflix, new unscripted series)

January 31:
Capote vs. The Swans (FX, Season 2)
Choir (Disney+, new docuseries)
Alexander: The Making of a God (Netflix, new drama series)
Baby Bandito (Netflix, new drama series)
The Seven Deadly Sins: The Four Knights of the Apocalypse (Netflix, new comedy series)
Sue’s Places (ESPN+, new interview series)
Texas Metal (MotorTrend, Season 7)

February 1:
Farmer Wants a Wife (Fox, Season 2)
Genius: MLK/X (National Geographic, Season 4)
Kings from Queens: The Run-D.M.C. Story (Peacock, new documentary series)
A Bloody Lucky Day (Paramount+, new drama series)
Clone High (Max, Season 2)
Chasing Flavor (Max, new docuseries)
Ruthless (BET+, Season 4)
Three Little Birds (Britbox, new drama series)

February 2:
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Prime Video, new drama series; moved from 2023)
Let’s Talk About Chu (Netflix, new drama series)
Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez (Hulu, new unscripted series)
Care Bears: Unlock the Magic (Max, Season 2)
Serving the Hamptons (Discovery+, Season 2)
Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (Disney Channel, Season 2)
Sisi: Austrian Empress (PBS, Season 2)

February 3:
LIV Golf League (The CW, Season 2)
NHL All-Star Game (ABC/ESPN+, live sports special)

February 4:
66th Grammy Awards (CBS, live awards special)
Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO, Season 12; final season)
Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold (National Geographic, new docuseries)
FIFA World Cup Match Announcement (Fox/Telemundo, live sports special)
How I Got Here (BYUtv, Season 2)

February 6:
America in Black (BET, Season 2)
#Cybersleuths: The Idaho Murders (Paramount+, new docuseries)

February 7:
The Conners (ABC, Season 6)
Not Dead Yet (ABC, Season 2)
Abbott Elementary (ABC, Season 3)
Judge Steve Harvey (ABC, Season 2)
Expedition X (Discovery, Season 7)

February 8:
The NFL Honors (CBS, live awards special)
Jersey Shore Family Vacation (MTV, Season 7)
Halo (Paramount+, Season 2)
Couple to Throuple (Peacock, new unscripted series)

February 9:
Impractical Jokers (TruTV, Season 10)
Mama June: Family Crisis (WEtv, new unscripted series)

February 12:
The Neighborhood (CBS, Season 6)
Bob ♥ Abishola (CBS, Season 5; final season)
NCIS (CBS, Season 21)
NCIS: Hawai’i (CBS, Season 3)
Gospel (PBS, new documentary miniseries)
Game Changer (Dropout, Season 6)

February 13:
FBI (CBS, Season 6)
FBI: International (CBS, Season 3)
FBI: Most Wanted (CBS, Season 5)
Royal Crackers (Adult Swim, Season 2)

February 14:
The New Look (Apple TV+, new drama series)
Love Is Blind (Netflix, Season 6)
Resident Alien (Syfy, Season 3)
Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room (Discovery, Season 4)

February 15:
Young Sheldon (CBS, Season 7; final season)
Ghosts (CBS, Season 3)
So Help Me Todd (CBS, Season 2)
Vigil (Peacock, Season 2)
The Vince Staples Show (Netflix, new comedy limited series)
House of Ninjas (Netflix, new drama series)
The Truth About Jim (Max, new documentary miniseries)
Swamp People: Serpent Invasion (History, Season 4)
Bold & Bougie (WEtv, new unscripted series)

February 16:
S.W.A.T. (CBS, Season 7)
Fire Country (CBS, Season 2)
Blue Bloods (CBS, Season 14; final season)
Totally Funny Kids (The CW, new comedy clips series)
Totally Funny Animals (The CW, new comedy clips series)
Life & Beth (Hulu, new comedy series)
100 Days to Indy (Paramount+, new docuseries)
The Dynasty: New England Patriots (Apple TV+, new docuseries)

February 17:
Fast: Home Rescue (Weather Channel, Season 2)

February 18:
American Idol (ABC, Season 7)
What Would You Do? (ABC, Season 17)
The Equalizer (CBS, Season 4)
CSI: Vegas (CBS, Season 3)
Tracker (CBS, new drama series)
2024 People’s Choice Awards (NBC/Peacock/E!, live awards special)
NBA All-Star Game (TNT, live sports special)
Naked and Afraid (Discovery, Season 16)
United States of Scandal with Jake Tapper (CNN, new documentary limited series)
Tournament of Champions (Food Network, Season 5)
County Rescue (Great American Family, new drama series)

February 19:
Rhythm + Flow Italy (Netflix, new competition series)
James Brown: Say It Loud (A&E, new documentary miniseries)
The Really Loud House (Season 2)
The Madame Blanc Mysteries (Acorn TV, Season 3)

February 20:
Will Trent (ABC, Season 2)
The Rookie (ABC, Season 6)
The Good Doctor (ABC, Season 7; final season)
Crime Nation (The CW, new docuseries)
Little People, Big World (TLC, Season 25)

February 21:
MLS Season 29 Kickoff Game (Apple TV+, live sports special)
Constellation (Apple TV+, new drama series)
Messi’s World Cup: The Rise of a Legend (Apple TV+, new docuseries)
Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Disney+, Season 3; final season)
Can I Tell You a Secret? (Netflix, new docuseries)
The Family Stallone (Paramount+, Season 2)
The Real Housewives of Miami (Bravo, Season 6; new network)

February 22:
Avatar: The Last Airbender (Netflix, new drama series)
Death in the Dorms (Hulu, Season 2)
Summer House (Bravo, Season 8)

February 23:
The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy (Prime Video, new animated comedy series)
Apartment404 (Prime Video, new competition series)
Married to the Game (Prime Video, new unscripted series)
Poacher (Prime Video, new drama series)
Earthsounds (Apple TV+, new documentary series)
Formula 1: Drive to Survive (Netflix, Season 6)
Wrong Side of the Tracks (Netflix, Season 3)
Mickey Mouse Funhouse (Disney Channel, Season 2)

February 24:
30th SAG Awards (Netflix, live awards special)
Where Is Wendy Williams (Lifetime, new documentary miniseries)
The Food That Build America (History, Season 5)
Cold Justice (Oxygen, Season 7)
Lakefront Luxury (A&E, Season 4)
Rocky Rapids Vet (Nat Geo Wild, new docuseries)

February 25:
The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live (AMC, new drama series)
The Food That Built America (History, Season 5)
Bar Rescue (Paramount Network, Season 9)
WWE Legends (A&E, Season 4)
Biography: WWE Rivals (A&E, Season 3)
Vegas: The Story of Sin City (CNN, new docuseries)
Sin City Murders (Oxygen, new docuseries)
Signs of a Psychopath (Investigation Discovery, Season 7)

February 26:
The Voice (NBC, Season 25)
Deal or No Deal Island (NBC, new competition series; time slot premiere March 4)

February 27:
Shōgun (FX, new drama limited series)
God Save Texas (HBO, new documentary miniseries)
The Lost U-Boats of WWII (History, new docuseries)
Body Cam (Investigation Discovery, Season 8)

February 28:
Survivor (CBS, Season 46)
Dead in the Water (Prime Video, new docuseries)
Iwájú (Disney+, new animated limited series)
The Mire (Netflix, Season 3)
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 Reunion (Bravo, new unscripted miniseries)

February 29:
Elsbeth (CBS, new drama series)
Me, Hereafter (Hulu, new docuseries)
Preimeter (BET+, new drama series)

March 1:
The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin (Apple TV+, new comedy series)
BMF (Starz, Season 3)
Megamind Rules! (Peacock, new animated series)
Side Hustlers (Roku, new competition series)

March 3:
The Regime (HBO, new drama limited series)
Wicked Tuna (National Geographic, Season 13)
The Hill Sunday with Chris Stirewalt (NewsNation, new public affairs series)

March 4:
MasterChef Junior (Fox, Season 9)
Queens (National Geographic, new documentary series)
Seeking Sister Wife (TLC, Season 5)
Rock the Block (HGTV, Season 5)
Spring Baking Championship (Food Network, Season 10)
Studio C (BYUtv, Season 18)

March 5:
The Cleaning Lady (Fox, Season 3)
Alert: Missing Persons Unit (Fox, Season 2)
Bail Jumpers (Investigation Discovery, new docuseries)
Vincenzo Malinconico: The Italian Lawyer (MHz Choice, Season 1 of Italian drama series)

March 6:
The Masked Singer (Fox, Season 10)
Animal Control (Fox, Season 2)
Family Guy (Fox, Season 22B)
Extraordinary (Hulu, Season 2)
NHL Mic Drop: 2024 Stadium Series (ESPN+, new documentary miniseries)
My 600-Lb Life (TLC, Season 12)
Port Protection: Alaska (National Geographic, Season 7)
On the Case with Paula Zahn (Investigation Discovery, Season 27)

March 8:
The Reluctant Traveler with Eugene Levy (Apple TV+, Season 2)
The Traitors UK (Peacock, Season 2)
Tiny Toons Looniversity (Max, Season 2)
Gold Rush: White Water (History, Season 8)
Boarders (Tubi, new comedy series)

March 9:
Queen of Tears (Netflix, new drama series)
Defending Their Ice: The Story Of The U.S. Women’s National Team (NHL Network, new docuseries)

March 10:
96th Academy Awards (ABC, live awards special)
Naruto: Shippuden (Adult Swim, Season 21)

March 11:
Young Royals (Netflix, Season 3; final season)
The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys (Peacock, new docuseries))
Carpe DM with Juanpa (Roku Channel, new docuseries)

March 12:
Password (NBC, new game show revival series)
7 Little Johnstons (TLC, Season 14)
Wildcard Kitchen (Food Network, new competition series)
Never Seen Again (Paramount+, Season 5)
Boat Story (Freevee, new drama series)
Fixer to Fabulous: Italiano (HGTV, new docuseries)
Prisoner (MHz Choice, Season 1 of Danish drama series)

March 13:
The Amazing Race (CBS, Season 36)
Bandidos (Netflix, new drama series)
Teen Mom: Family Reunion (MTV, Season 3)

March 14:
9-1-1 (ABC, Season 7; new network)
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, Season 20)
Station 19
(ABC, Season 7; final season)
Apples Never Fall (Peacock, new drama series)
Girls5eva (Netflix, Season 3; new network)
From Dreams to Tragedy: The Fire that Shook Brazilian Football (Netflix, new docuseries)
The Girls on the Bus (Max, new drama series)
Invincible (Prime Video, Season 2)
Justice, USA (Max, new docuseries)
Smugshot (Sundance Channel, new docuseries)

March 15:
Manhunt (Apple TV+, new drama limited series)
Chicken Nugget (Netflix, new drama series)
Iron Reign (Netflix, new drama series)
The Outreau Case: A French Nightmare (Netflix, new docuseries)
America’s Backyard Gold (Discovery, new docuseries)

March 16:
Critter Fixers: Country Vets (Nat Geo Wild, Season 6)

March 17:
In Restless Dreams (MGM+, new documentary miniseries)
Call the Midwife (PBS, Season 13)
Alice & Jack (PBS, new drama series)
Nolly (PBS, new drama miniseries)
90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? (TLC, Season 8)
Quiet on the Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV (Investigation Discovery, new documentary miniseries)
Relative Race (BYUtv, Season 13)

March 18:
Photographer (National Geographic Channel, new documentary series)

March 19:
Forever Queens (Netflix, Season 2)
The Valley (Bravo, new unscripted series)

March 20:
X-Men ’97 (Disney+, new animated series; moved from 2023)
Top Chef (Bravo, Season 21)
Homicide: New York (Netflix, new docuseries)
Palm Royale (Apple TV+, new comedy series)
Morphle and the Magic Pets (Disney Junior, new children’s animated series)

March 21:
3 Body Problem (Netflix, new drama series; moved from January)
Down Home Fab (HGTV, Season 2)
House Hunters: All Stars (HGTV, new docuseries)
Diarra from Detroit (BET+, new comedy series)
NHL Hat Trick Trivia (NHL’s YouTube channel, new game show series)

March 22:
Davey and Jonesie’s Locker (Prime Video, new comedy series)
Buying Beverly Hills (Netflix, Season 2)
Our Miracle Years (PBS, Season 2)

March 23:
Design Goals (Magnolia Network, new docuseries)

March 24:
Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard (Bravo, Season 2)

March 25:
Gabby’s Dollhouse (Netflix, Season 9)
Mean Girl Murders (Investigation Discovery, Season 2)
Lethally Blonde (Investigation Discovery, new docuseries)
Menendez Brothers: Victims or Villains (Fox Nation, new docuseries)

March 26:
The King (MHz Choice, Season 1 of Italian drama series)

March 27:
Testament: The Story of Moses (Netflix, new docudrama series)
The Believers (Netflix, new drama series)
Grown-ish (Freeform, Season 6B; final season)
Narco Wars (National Geographic, Season 4)
Dead Hot (Tubi, Season 1 of British drama series)
Time (BritBox, Season 2)

March 28:
American Rust (Prime Video, Season 2)
The Baxters (Prime Video, new drama series)
Hope on the Street (Prime Video, new docuseries)
We Were the Lucky Ones (Hulu, new drama series)
Cult Justice (Hulu, new docuseries)
The Traitors: New Zealand (Hulu, new competition series)
Ronja the Robber’s Daughter (Netflix, new drama series)
Stop Saving the Planet (PBS Terra, new documentary series)

March 29:
Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show (Max, new docuseries)
Steve! (Martin) (Apple TV+, new documentary miniseries)
Friday Night Baseball (Apple TV+, Season 3)
Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock (Apple TV+, Season 2)
Is It Cake? (Netflix, Season 3)
Fright Crewe (Hulu, new drama series)
Renegade Nell (Disney+, new drama series)
The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs (Shudder, Season 6)
Crime Cam 24/7 (Fox Nation, Season 2)
Masters of the Game (TheGrio, Season 4)

March 30:
UFL Inaugural Season Kickoff Game (Fox, live sports event)
The Great Indian Kapil Show (Netflix, new talk show series)
Property Virgins (A&E, new docuseries reboot)
48 Hours to Buy (A&E, new docuseries)
Border Security: Canada’s Front Line (National Geographic, new docuseries)

March 31:
A Gentleman in Moscow (Showtime, new drama limited series)
Parish (AMC, new drama series)
Sunday Night Baseball (ESPN, Season 35 premiere)
No Gamble No Future (Vice, Season 4)
Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead (Adult Swim, new animated comedy series)

April 1:
All American (The CW, Season 6)
Lovers & Liars (The CW, new dating competition series; fka FGirl Island)
Vanderpump Villa (Hulu, new unscripted series)
The Magic Prank Show with Justin Willman (Netflix, new prank series)
The Synanon Fix (HBO, new documentary miniseries)
A Thousand Pines (PBS, new drama series)

April 2:
Lopez vs. Lopez (NBC, Season 2)
Dr. Phil Primetime (Merit Street Media, new nightly talk show)
Morning on Merit Street (Merit Street Media, new daily news and lifestyle series)
The News on Merit Street (Merit Street Media, new daily news series)
Food for Thought with Devon Franklin (MergeTV, new talk show series)
Chatter (MergeTV, new talk show series)
Finding My Romeo (MergeTV, new dating competition series)
Preachers Wedding Edition (MergeTV, new series)
Katching Kierra (MergeTV, new cooking series)

April 3:
Walker (The CW, Season 4)
Sight Unseen (The CW, new drama series)
Loot (Apple TV+, Season 2)
Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer (Netflix, new docuseries)
Files of the Unexplained (Netflix, new docuseries)
American Horror Story: Delicate Part 2 (FX, Season 12B)
A Brief History of the Future (PBS, new docuseries)
Take My Tumor (TLC, new docuseries)

April 4:
Elsbeth (CBS, Season 1B)
Star Trek: Discovery (Paramount+, Season 5; final season)
Ripley (Netflix, new drama limited series)
Crooks (Netflix, new drama series)
I Woke Up a Vampire (Netflix, Season 1B)
Ninjago: Dragons Rising (Netflix, Season 2)
Hop (Max, new animated series)

April 5:
Sugar (Apple TV+, new drama series)
Parasyte: The Grey (Netflix, new drama series)
Monsters at Work (Disney Channel, Season 2)
Dinosaur (Hulu, new drama series)
Mary & George (Starz, new drama series)
Alex Rider (Freevee, Season 3; final season)

April 6:
Say Yes to the Dress (TLC, Season 23)

April 7:
Beacon 23 (MGM+, Season 2)
When Calls the Heart (Hallmark Channel, Season 11)
Mr Bates vs The Post Office (PBS, Season 1 of British drama series)
Space Shuttle Columbia: The Final Flight (CNN, new documentary miniseries)
Blue Ridge: The Series (Cowboy Way, new drama series)
The Wizard of Paws (BYUtv, Season 6)

April 8:
Spirit Rangers (Netflix, Season 3)

April 9:
Grand Cayman: Secrets in Paradise (Hulu, new unscripted series)

April 10:
Fallout (Prime Video, new drama series; moved from April 12)
Blood Free (Hulu, new drama series)
The Challenge: All Stars (Paramount+, Season 4)
The Hijacking of Flight 601 (Netflix, new docuseries)
Unlocked: A Jail Experiment (Netflix, new docuseries)
Chucky (Syfy, Season 3B)

April 11:
Patty Stanger: The Matchmaker (The CW, new unscripted series)
As the Crow Flies (Netflix, new drama series)
Midsummer Night (Netflix, new drama series)
Elkhorn (INSP, new drama series)

April 12:
Franklin (Apple TV+, new drama limited series)
Good Times (Netflix, new animated comedy series)
Dora (Paramount+, new children’s animated series reboot)
Best Bite in Town (Food Network, new competition series)
Cesar Milan: Better Human, Better Dog (National Geographic, new docuseries)

April 14:
The Sympathizer (HBO, new drama limited series)
24 in 24: Last Chef Standing (Food Network, new competition series)
Secrets of the Hells Angels (A&E, new docuseries
WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures (A&E, Season 3)
Love & Marriage: D.C. Reunion (OWN, new unscripted miniseries)

April 15:
Contraband: Seized at the Border (Discovery, Season 4)
Music Mayhem (AXS TV, new docuseries)
Rachael Ray’s Meals in Minutes (FYI, new cooking series)

April 16:
Ctrl+Alt+Desire (Paramount+, new documentary miniseries)
Sounds Delicious with Carnie Wilson (AXS TV, new cooking series)

April 17:
Under the Bridge (Hulu, new drama series)
See You in Another Life (Hulu, new drama limited series)
The Circle (Netflix, Season 6)
Our Living World (Netflix, new documentary miniseries)
Grimm Variations (Netflix, new comedy anthology series)
Don’t Hate the Player (Netflix, new competition series)

April 18:
Conan O’Brien Must Go (Max, new docuseries)
Orlando Bloom: To the Edge (Peacock, new docuseries)
Bros (Netflix, new drama series)
The Upshaws (Netflix, Season 3B aka Part 5)
Going Home with Tyler Cameron (Prime Video, new docuseries)
Dinner with the Parents (Freevee, new comedy series)
It Couldn’t Happen Here (AMC+, Season 3)
Theresa Caputo: Beyond the Readings (Lifetime, new unscripted series)

April 19:
Jane (Apple TV+, Season 2)
The Spiderwick Chronicles (Roku Channel, new drama series)
Big Mood (Tubi, new comedy series)
Love During Lockup (WEtv, Season 4)
The Barnes Bunch (WEtv, new unscripted series)
The Never Ever Mets (OWN, new dating competition series)

April 20:
High Hopes (Hulu, new unscripted series)
Predator vs. Prey (BBC America, new documentary series)

April 21:
The Jinx (HBO, Season 2)
Secrets of the Octopus (National Geographic, new documentary series)
Paranormal Caught on Camera (Travel Channel, Season 7)
Random Acts (BYUtv, Season 9)

April 22:
CoComelon Lane (Netflix, Season 2)
90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise (TLC, Season 4)
The Proof Is Out There: Military Mysteries (History, new docuseries)

April 23:
Brigands: The Quest for Gold (Netflix, new drama series)
Fight for Paradise: Who Can You Trust? (Netflix, new competition series)
The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch
(History, Season 5)
The Express Way with Dulé Hill (PBS, new docuseries)
Farmhouse Fixer (HGTV, Season 3)
Tiny House Nation: Back to the Build (FYI, Season 2B)
Roadkill Garage (MotorTrend, Season 9)

April 24:
The Big Door Prize (Apple TV+, Season 2)
Deliver Me (Netflix, new drama series)
Wonderful World (Hulu, new drama series)
Talking Sabor (Hulu, new docuseries)
My 600-Lb Life: Where Are They Now? (TLC, Season 8)
To Catch a Smuggler (National Geographic, Season 7)
Sister Boniface Mysteries (BritBox, Season 3)
Texas Metal’s Loid & Lifted (MotorTrend, Season 2B)

April 25:
Velma (Max, Season 2)
Dead Boy Detectives (Netflix, new drama series)
Them (Prime Video, Season 2)
My Mane Problem (AllBlk, Season 3)
Heartland (Up Faith & Family, Season 17)

April 26:
100 Days to Indy (The CW, Season 2)
Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story (Hulu, new documentary miniseries)
Goodbye Earth (Netflix, new drama series)
The Asunta Case (Netflix, new drama limited series)
Luxe Listings Toronto (Prime Video, new docuseries)
We’re Here (HBO, Season 4)
Knuckles (Paramount+, new live-action/animated limited series)
Art Happens Here with John Lithgow (PBS, new docuseries)
Ed Stafford: First Man Out (Discovery, Season 3)

April 28:
The Mega-Brands That Build America (History, Season 2)
How Disney Built America (History, new docuseries)
How It Really Happened (CNN, new docuseries)
MILF Manor (TLC, Season 2)
Masterpiece: Guilt (PBS, Season 3)
Be My Guest with Ina Garten (Food Network, Season 5)
Kind of Spark (BYUtv, Season 2)

April 29:
The Brokenwood Mysteries (Acorn TV, Season 10)

April 30:
Fiasco (Netflix, new comedy series)
The Veil (FX, new drama limited series)
Catfish: The TV Show (MTV, Season 9)
Restoring Galveston (Magnolia Network, Season 6)

May 1:
Jeopardy! Masters (ABC, Season 2)
Acapulco (Apple TV+, Season 2)
Shardlake (Hulu, new drama series)
Frankly Speaking (Netflix, new drama series)
Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar (Netflix, new drama series)
Behind the Music (Paramount+, Season 2)
Supermarket Stakeout (Food Network, Season 6)
Dance Moms: The Reunion (Lifetime, Season 9)

May 2:
Hacks (Max, Season 3)
The Tattooist of Auschwitz (Peacock, new drama series)
A Man in Full (Netflix, new drama series)
T-P Bon (Netflix, new animated comedy series)
Six Is Not a Crowd (Max, new drama series)
Welcome to Wrexham (FX, Season 3; moved from April 18)
Caught! (Discovery, new docuseries)
Selena + Restaurant (Food Network, new docuseries)
Scrublands (Sundance Now, new drama series)
Taste: The Flavor Of Life (Curiosity Stream, new docuseries)

May 3:
Baseball Night in America (Fox, Season 10)
Clarkson’s Farm (Prime Video, Season 3)
John Mulaney Presents: Everybody’s In L.A. (Netflix, new docuseries)
Postcards (Netflix, new drama series)
Selling the OC (Netflix, Season 3)
Dinner Budget Showdown (Roku Channel, new competition series)
The UnXplained: Mysteries of the Universe (History, new docuseries)
Zillow Gone Wild (HGTV, new docuseries)

May 4:
Star Wars: Tales of the Empire (Disney+, new animated comedy series)
The Atypical Family (Netflix, new drama series)
Love & Marriage: Huntsville (OWN, Season 5)
My Hero Academia (Cruncyroll, Season 7)

May 5:
The Real Housewives of New Jersey (Bravo, Season 14)
MaryLand (PBS, Season 1 of British drama series)
People Magazine Investigates: Surviving a Serial Killer (Investigation Discovery, new docuseries)
Two Guys Garage (MotorTrend, Season 23)
All-Round Champion (BYUtv, Season 6)

May 6:
OMG Fashun (E!, new competition series)
Next Baking Master: Paris (Food Network, new cooking competition series)

May 7:
Police 24/7 (The CW, new docuseries; moved from April 30)
Super Rich in Korea (Netflix, new unscripted series)
Outdaughtered (TLC, Season 10)
Rich & Shameless (TNT, Season 2)
Crimes Gone Viral (Investigation Discovery, Season 4)
Malory Towers (BYUtv, Season 5)
A Kind of Spark (BYUtv, Season 2)

May 8:
Dark Matter (Apple TV+, new drama series)
Hollywood Con Queen (Apple TV+, new docuseries)
In Limbo (Hulu, new drama series)
Reginald the Vampire (Syfy, Season 2)
In Pursuit with John Walsh (Investigation Discovery, Season 5)
Outlaws and Lawmen: The West (Fox Nation, new docuseries)
Busy This Week (QVC+, new talk-show series)

May 9:
Bodkin (Netflix, new drama series)
Thank You, Next (Netflix, new drama series)
Black Twitter: A People’s History (Hulu, new documentary miniseries)
Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (Max, new drama series)
Love Undercover (Peacock, new dating competition series)
Maxton Hall: The World Between Us (Prime Video, new drama series)
The GOAT (Freevee, new competition series)

May 10:
Doctor Who (Disney+, Season 14)
Blood of Zeus (Netflix, Season 2)
Pokémon Horizons: The Series (Netflix, Season 2)
The Ultimatum: South Africa (Netflix, new unscripted series)
Cooking Up Murder: Uncovering the Story of César Román (Netflix, new docuseries)
Past Lies (Hulu, new drama series)
The Chi (Showtime, Season 6B)
Empty Nest Refresh (Roku Channel, new docuseries)

May 11:
Full Court Press (ESPN+, new documentary miniseries)

May 12:
Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire (AMC, Season 2)
Naked and Afraid XL (Discovery, Season 10)
Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes ((Discovery, new docuseries)
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Crunchyroll, Season 4)
Sins of the South (Oxygen, new docuseries)

May 13:
After the Flood (BritBox, Season 1 of British drama series)
Harry Wild (Acorn TV, Season 3)

May 14:
Hostage Rescue (The CW, new docuseries; moved from April 30)
The Killing Kind (Hulu, new drama limited series)
Pillowcase Murders (Paramount+, new documentary miniseries)
Doubling Down with the Derricos (TLC, Season 5)
Exposed: Naked Crimes (Investigation Discovery, Season 1B)
Who’s Afraid of a Cheap Old House (HGTV, new docuseries)

May 15:
Uncle Samsik (Hulu, new drama series)
Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal (Netflix, new docuseries)
Ghost Adventures (Discovery, Season 16)
Killer Cases (A&E, Season 5)
Murder at the Motel (A&E, new docuseries)
United Gangs of America (Vice, new docuseries)
Pompeii: The New Dig (PBS, new documentary miniseries)
Botched Bariatrics (TLC, new docuseries)
Royal Rules of Ohio (Freeform, new unscripted series)
In the Kitchen with Harry Hamlin (IFC, new docuseries)

May 16:
I Can See Your Voice (Fox, Season 4B)
Bridgerton (Netflix, Season 3A)
Maestro in Blue (Netflix, Season 2)
Outer Range (Prime Video, Season 2)
Bronx Zoo ’90: Crime, Chaos and Baseball (Peacock, new documentary miniseries)
The Beauty Queen Killer: 9 Days of Terror (Hulu, new docuseries)
Home Sweet Rome (Max, new docuseries)
Caillou (Peacock, Season 1B)
Vietnam: Footsteps of my Father with Harris Faulkner (Fox Nation, new documentary limited series)
Worth the Hype (Tastemade, Season 2)

May 17:
The Big Cigar (Apple TV+, new drama limited series)
RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars (Paramount+, Season 9)
RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Untucked (Paramount+, Season 6)
99 (Amazon, new documentary miniseries)
The 8 Show (Netflix, new competition series)

May 18:
Accident, Suicide or Murder (Oxygen, Season 6)
Design Down Under (Magnolia Network, Season 2)

May 19:
MLB Sunday Leadoff (Roku Channel, Season 3)
Caio House (Food Network, Season 3)

May 20:
Weakest Link (NBC, Season 3B)
Stax: Souldsville USA (Hulu, new docuseries)
Princess Power (Netflix, Season 3)
Fairly OddParents: A New Wish (Nickelodeon, new animated series)
Race to Survive: New Zealand (USA Network, new competition series)
Bäckström (Acorn TV, Season 3)
The Parisian Agency (Acorn TV, Season 4)

May 21:
Lolla: The Story of Lollapalooza (Paramount+, new docuseries)
Angry Birds Mystery Island (Prime Video, new children’s animated series)
Hell on Earth: The Verónica Case (Max, new docuseries)
Help! I’m in a Secret Relationship! (MTV, Season 3)
Find My Country House: Canada (FYI, new docuseries)

May 22:
Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars (Fox, Season 2)
Trying (Apple TV+, Season 4)
Chioef Detective 1958 (Hulu, new drama series)
Buying London (Netflix, new docuseries)
Toughest Forces on Earth (Netflix, new docuseries)
Happy to Be Home with the Benkos (Magnolia Network, Season 2)

May 23:
Don’t Forget the Lyrics (Fox, Season 3; moved from May 16)
The Kardashians (Hulu, Season 5)
Evil (Paramount+, Season 4; final season)
The 1% Club (Prime Video, new game show series)
Thirst with Shay Mitchell (Max, new docuseries)
Tires (Netflix, new comedy series)
Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf (Netflix, new animated comedy series)
The Ms. Pat Show (BET+, Season 4)

May 24:
Lingo (CBS, Season 2)
The Great American Baking Show (Roku Channel, Season 2)
Diary of an Old Home (Max, Season 4)
Jurassic World: Chaos Theory (Netflix, new animated comedy series)
Mulligan (Netflix, Season 2)
The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team (Prime Video, Season 3)
My Adventures with Superman (Adult Swim, Season 2)
Diary of an Old Home (Magnolia Network, Season 3)
High Stakes Poker (Vice, Season 8)
Off Script With The Hollywood Reporter (IFC, Season 1A)
Destination Heaven (GAPF, new drama series)

May 27:
The Great War (History, new documentary miniseries)
Houses of Horror: Secrets of College Greek Life (A&E, new docuseries)
Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter (Investigation Discovery, new documentary miniseries)

May 28:
America’s Got Talent (NBC, Season 19)
Password (NBC, Season 1B)
Beat Shazam (Fox, Season 7)
The Quiz with Balls (Fox, new game show series)
Kitchen Glow Up (Tastemade, new docuseries)

May 29:
MasterChef: Generations (Fox, Season 14)
Camden (Hulu, new docuseries)
The Life You Wanted (Netflix, new drama series)
Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult (Netflix, new docuseries)
Forged in Fire (History, Season 11)
Hells Angels: Kingdom Come (Vice, new docuseries)
Sistas (BET, Season 7B)
Homicide Hunter: American Detective (Investigation Discovery, Season 6B)
American Detective with Lt. Joe Kenda (Investigation Discovery, Season 4)
Ms. Pat Settles It (BET+, Season 1B)
For My Man (TV One, Season 8)

May 30:
We Are Lady Parts (Peacock, Season 2)
Pyramid Game (Paramount+, new drama series)
Eric (Netflix, new drama limited series)
Geek Girl (Netflix, new comedy series)
Teen Mom: The Next Chapter (MTV, Season 2)
60 Days In: No Tapouts (A&E, Season 9)
Inmate to Roommate (A&E, Season 2)
Outchef’d (Food Network, Season 3)

May 31:
The Outlaws (Prime Video, Season 3)
The Famous Five (Hulu, new docuseries)
How to Ruin Love (Netflix, new drama series)
Raising Voices (Netflix, new drama series)
Couples Therapy (Showtime, Season 4)
Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail (History, Season 7)
Celebrity Family Food Battle (Roku Channel, new cooking competition series)
Frog and Toad (Apple TV+, Season 2)

June 1:
Trixie Motel: Drag Me Home (Max, new unscripted series)
Dinner and a Movie (TNT, new unscripted series)
The Life & Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson (Lifetime, new documentary miniseries)
Mind Your Business(Bounce, new comedy series)

June 2:
Mayor of Kingstown (Paramount+, Season 3)
Billy the Kid (MGM+, Season 2B)
Ren Faire (HBO, new documentary miniseries)
The Real Housewives of Dubai (Bravo, Season 2)
World Eats Bread (National Geographic, new docuseries)
Secrets & Spies: A Nuclear Game (CNN, new docuseries)
Violent Earth with Liev Schreiber (CNN, new docuseries)
Celebrity IOU (HGTV, Season 7B)
Fixer Upper: The Lakehouse (Magnolia Network, new docuseries)
Einstein Challenge (History, new docuseries)
Signs of a Psychopath (Investigation Discovery, Season 7)

June 3:
American Ninja Warrior (NBC, Season 16)
Celebrity Name That Tune (Fox, Season 3D)
Holy Marvels with Dennis Quaid (History, new docuseries)
Unexpected (TLC, Season 2)
Battle on the Beach (HGTV, Season 4)
Erased: WW2’s Heroes of Color (National Geographic, new documentary limited series)
Deadly Influence: The Social Media Murders (Investigation Discovery, new docuseries)

June 4:
The Acolyte (Disney+, new drama series)
Clipped (FX, new limited docuseries)
Beyond Skinwalker Ranch (History, Season 2)
Uninterrupted: The Real Stories of Basketball (Vice, new docuseries)
Who Killed WCW? (Vice, new docuseries)
Body Cam: On the Scene (Investigation Discovery, Season 4)
The Ultimate Fighter (ESPN, Season 32)

June 5:
Hitler and the Nazis: Evil on Trial (Netflix, new docuseries)
Backed by the Bros (HGTV, new docuseries)

June 6:
Criminal Minds: Evolution (Paramount+, Season 2)
Counsel Culture (Prime Video, new talk show series)
Kübra (Netflix, Season 2)
D-Day: The Unheard Tapes (History, new docuseries)
Summer House Reunion (Bravo, new unscripted miniseries)
Makeup x Breakup (AllBlk, Season 2)
House of Heat (Tubi, new unscripted series)

June 7:
51st Daytime Emmy Awards (CBS, live awards special)
Fantamas (HBO, new comedy series))
Becoming Karl Lagerfeld (Hulu, new documentary miniseries)
Queenie (Hulu, new drama series)
Power Book II: Ghost (Starz, Season 4A; final season)
Transformers: Earthspark (Paramount+, Season 2)
Perfect Match (Netflix, Season 2)
Heirarchy (Netflix, new drama series)
Fight Inc.: Inside the UFC (Roku Channel, new docuseries)
Guy’s All-American Road Trip (Food Network, Season 3)

June 9:
Sins of the South (Oxygen, Season 2)
Making Good (BYUtv, Season 5)

June 10:
Battleground (Fox-owned stations, new roundtable series)
Divided by Design (HGTV, new competition series)
Six Schizophrenic Brothers (Discovery, new docuseries)
Beat the Bridge (GSN, new game show series)

June 11:
Love Island USA (Peacock, Season 6)
How Music Got Free (Paramount+, new documentary miniseries)
Wreck (Hulu, Season 2)
Tour de France: Unchained (Netflix, Season 2)
Deadliest Catch (Discovery, Season 20)
Motel Rescue (Magnolia Network, Season 2)
Find My Country House: Australia (FYI, new docuseries)

June 12:
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction (Netflix, Season 5)
Presumed Innocent (Apple TV+, new drama limited series)
My Lady Jane (Prime Video, new drama series)
From Tomorrow (Hulu, new drama series)
King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch (Netflix, Season 2)
Real Estate King (FYI, new docuseries)

June 14:
The Big Bakeover (The CW, new docuseries)
Totally Funny Kids (The CW, Season 1B)
Totally Funny Animals (The CW, Season 1B)
Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams (Netflix, new drama series)
Peanuts: Camp Snoopy (Apple TV+, new children’s animated series)
NFL Draft: The Pick Is In (Roku Channel, Season 2)
Mama June: Family Crisis (WEtv, Season 2)
Deb’s House (AllBlk, new competition series)

June 15:
Love Island Aftersun (Peacock, new talk show series)
Find My Country House (HGTV, new docuseries)

June 16:
77th Tony Awards (CBS, live awards special)
House of the Dragon (HBO, Season 2)
Hotel Cocaine (MGM+, new drama series)
Grantchester (PBS, Season 9)
Professor T (PBS, Season 3)
D.I. Ray (PBS, Season 2)
American Monster (Investigation Discovery, Season 10)

June 17:
Cult Massacre: One Day in Jonestown (Hulu, new docuseries)
The Great American Recipe (PBS, Season 3)
Maine Cabin Masters: Building Italy (Magnolia Network, new docuseries)
My Life Is Murder (Acorn TV, Season 4)

June 18:
Agents of Mystery (Netflix, new docuseries)
Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution (PBS, new documentary miniseries)
Chopper Cops (Paramount+, new docueries)
Bobby’s Triple Threat (Food Network, Season 3)
Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp (HGTV, new docuseries)
Sin City Tow (Discovery, new docuseries)

June 19:
Love Is Blind: Brazil (Netflix, new dating competition series)
Dynamic Planet (PBS, new docuseries)
Hope in the Water (PBS, new docuseries)
Expedition Unknown (Discovery, Season 13)
Alien Encounters: Fact or Fiction (Discovery, new docuseries)
Europe from Above (National Geographic, Season 2)

June 20:
Masters of Illusion (The CW, Season 13B)
World’s Funniest Animals (The CW, Season 4B)
Perfect Wife: The Mysterious Disappearance of Sherri Papini (Hulu, new docuseries)
America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (Netflix, new docuseries)
Hart to Heart (Peacock, Season 4)
Megamind Rules! (Peacock, Season 1B)
Kota Factory (Netflix, Season 3)
Federer: Twelve Final Days (Prime Video, new docuseries)
College Hill: Celebrity Edition (BET+, new docuseries)
Alone Australia (History, Season 2)

June 21:
Shoresy (Hulu, Season 3)
Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun (Max, new docuseries)
The Victim’s Game (Netflix, Season 2)
Gangs of Galicia (Netflix, new drama series)
Killing Hip Hop (Tubi, new docuseries)
Roots of Comedy with Jesus Trejo (PBS, new docuseries)

June 22:
Rising Impact (Netflix, new animated comedy series)

June 23:
Orphan Black: Echoes (AMC/BBC America, new drama series)
The Icons that Built America (History, new docuseries)
Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines (Magnolia Network, Season 5)
Getting Lost with Erin French (Magnolia Network, new docuseries)
How Did They Fix That? (Smithsonian Channel, new docuseries)

June 24:
POV (PBS, Season 37)
Rachael Ray in Tuscany (FYI, new cooking series)
Make Some Noise (Dropout, Season 3)

June 25:
One South: Portrait of a Psych Unit (HBO, new documentary miniseries)
High Speed Chase (Investigation Discovery, Season 2)
Late Night Lockup (Investigation Discovery, Season 2)
Babylon Berlin (MHz Choice, Season 4)

June 26:
The Real CSI: Miami (CBS, new docuseries)
Land of Women (Apple TV+, new dramedy series)
Fear Thy Neighbor (Investigation Discovery, Season 10)

June 27:
That ’90s Show (Fox, Season 2A)
Supacell (Netflix, new drama series)
The Bear (FX, Season 3)
Joe Biden-Donald Trump Presidential Debate (CNN, live special)
Breaking New Ground (Max, new docuseries)
Ariel (Disney Channel, new animated series)
Domino Day (Sundance Now, new drama series)

June 28:
The Mole (Netflix, Season 2)
The Whirlwind (Netflix, new drama series)
WondLa (Apple TV+, new animated series)
Jinny’s Kitchen (Prime Video, Season 2)
Down in the Valley (Starz, new docuseries; moved from July 5)
The Proof Is Out There: Alien Edition (History, new docuseries)
Beach Cottage Chronicles (Magnolia Network, Season 4)
Family Empire: Houston (OWN, new unscripted series)

June 29:
Zombies: The Re-Animated Series (Disney Channel, new animated comedy series)

June 30:
The Great Food Truck Race (Food Network, Season 17)
100 Day Dream Home (HGTV, new docuseries)

July 1:
The Wall (NBC, Season 5B)
Star Trek: Prodigy (Netflix, Season 2)
George: Rise of a Revolutionary (Fox Nation, new docuseries)
90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way (TLC, Season 6)
Basketball Wives (VH1, Season 11B)
El Conde: Amor y Honor (Telemundo, new drama series)
Outrageous Love with NeNe Leakes (Lifetime, new docuseries)
Parents Gone Wild (Lifetime, new docuseries)

July 2:
Sprint (Netflix, new competition series)
Hard Knocks: Offseason with the New York Giants (HBO, new docuseries)
When Sharks Attack 360 (National Geographic, Season 2)
Grace (BritBox, Season 4)

July 3:
Red Swan (Hulu, new drama series)
The Man with 1000 Kids (Netflix, new docuseries)
All Up in My Grill (Tastemade, Season 4)
Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian (Crunchyroll, new anime series)

July 4:
The Family Business (BET+, Season 5)
Land of Tanabata (Hulu, new anime series)
Rhythm + Flow France (Netflix, Season 3)
2024 Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest (ESPN, live competition special)
Senpai Is an Otokonoko (Crunchyroll, new anime series)
Twilight Out of Focus (Crunchyroll, new anime series)

July 5:
Mirzapur (Prime Video, Season 3)
Desperate Lies (Netflix, new drama series)
NieR:Automata Ver1.1a (Crunchyroll, Season 1B)

July 6:
Shoshimin: How to Become Ordinary (Crunchyroll, new anime series)

July 7:
Shark Week begins (Discovery, weeklong programming special)
Tower of God (Crunchyroll, Season 2)
Wistoria: Wand and Sword (Crunchyroll, new anime series)
Narenare -Cheer for You! (Crunchyroll, new anime series)

July 8:
The Bachelorette (ABC, Season 21)
All American: Homecoming (The CW, Season 3)
BBQ Brawl (Food Network, Season 5)
Bodies in the Water (Investigation Discovery, new docuseries)
Psy Cops (Adult Swim, new animated series)
Mayonaka Punch (Crunchyroll, new anime series)

July 9:
Celebrity Family Feud (ABC, Season 10)
Melissa Etheridge: I’m Not Broken (Paramount+, new docuseries)
My Big Fat Fabulous Life (TLC, Season 12)
Sasha Reid & The Midnight Order (Freeform, new docuseries)
Bobby’s Triple Threat (Food Network, Season 3)
The Top Ten Revealed: 200 of the Greatest Songs of the 70s (AXS TV, new docuseries)
Voces on PBS (PBS, Season 5)

July 10:
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (ABC, Season 10 in primetime)
Claim to Fame (ABC, Season 3)
Sunny (Apple TV+, new drama series)
Receiver (Netflix, new docuseries)
Eva Lasting (Netflix, Season 2)
Sugarr Rush (Netflix, Season 2)
Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years (Paramount+, Season 2)
Pawn Stars (History, Season 22)
Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (Bravo, Season 15)
Icons Unearthed: Spider-Man (Vice, new docuseries)
My Strange Arrest (A&E, Season 2)
In The Arena: Serena Williams (ESPN+, new docuseries)
Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World (Crunchyroll, Season 2)

July 11:
2024 ESPYs (ABC, live awards special)
Vikings: Valhalla (Netflix, Season 3)
Another Self (Netflix, Season 2)
Sausage Party: Foodtopia (Prime Video, new animated comedy series)
Mastermind: To Think Like a Killer (Hulu, new documentary miniseries)
The Hungry Games: Alaska’s Big Bear Challenge (Peacock, new docuseries)
Teen Torture Inc. (Max, new docuseries)
Milf of Norway (Max, new comedy series)
Impractical Jokers (TBS, Season 10B; new network)
The Real Housewives of Orange County (Bravo, Season 18)
Christina on the Coast (HGTV, Season 5)
Beach Bargains (HGTV, new docuseries)
The Responder (BritBox, Season 2)

July 12:
Me (Apple TV+, new drama limited series)
Exploding Kittens (Netflix, new omedy seri
The Serpent Queen (Starz, Season 2)
The Very Very Best of the 80s (AXS TV, Season 3)
Bye Bye, Earth (Crunchyroll, new anime series)

July 13:
Mammals (AMC+, new docuseries)
The Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince Ivandoe (Cartoon Network, new animated series)
Makeine: Too Many Losing Heroines! (Crunchyroll, new anime series)
ATRI -My Dear Moments (Crunchyroll, new anime series)

July 14:
Emperor of Ocean Park (MGM+, new drama series)
Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing (Discovery, Season 2)
In the Eye of the Storm (Discovery, new docuseries)
Alex vs. America (Food Network, Season 4)
Mary Makes It Easy (Food Network, new docuseries)

July 15:
Republican National Convention (various networks, live political event)
Hit-Monkey (Hulu, Season 2)
Wonderoos (Netflix, new children’s animated series)
LaLiga: All Access (Netflix, new docuseries)
Contraband: Seized at Sea (Discovery, new docuseries)
The Black Widower: The Six Wives of Thomas Randolph (Investigation Discovery, new docuseries)
Ahora o Nunca (ESPN Deportes, expanded sports news discussion series)
Cronómetro (ESPN Deportes, expanded sports news discussion series)

July 16:
MLB All-Star Game (Fox, live sports special)
Judge Steve Harvey (ABC, Season 2B)
Homicide: Los Angeles (Netflix, Season 2)
The Yara Gambirasio Case: Beyond Reasonable Doubt (Netflix, new docuseries)
Mafia Spies (Paramount+, new docuseries)
Welcome to Plathville (TLC, Season 6)
Dark Side of the 90s (Vice, Season 3)

July 17:
Big Brother (CBS, Season 26)
Simone Biles Rising (Netflix, new docuseries)
The Green Glove Gang (Netflix, Season 2)
UnPrisoned (Hulu, Season 2)
The Ark (Syfy, Season 2)

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