2023 NFL Draft grades: Los Angeles Chargers got an impact WR, but is that enough to move the needle?

Overall Los Angeles Chargers grade: C

The Chargers made a solid first-round pick with TCU wide receiver Quentin Johnston, but they could have grabbed a couple more high-floor guys to help them get to the top of the AFC West. This isn’t necessarily a bad draft class, it just might not be one that helps their title hopes a whole bunch this season. At the very least, Max Duggan will get a chance to be a preseason hero this summer. That might make this draft class worth it.

Favorite pick: Favorite pick: Derius Davis, WR, TCU (125th overall)

The Chargers will need to be creative in how they deploy Davis, but he brings a massive element of speed that the Chargers have been missing for a while now. Mike Williams, Keenan Allen and Quentin Johnston are all talented receivers, but none of them have Davis' speed. With a quarterback who has a rocket launcher for an arm, it makes good sense to have anyone who can threaten defenses with their speed.

Least favorite pick: Daiyan Henley, LB, Washington State (85th overall)

This slot felt a bit early for Henley, who benefitted from being a part of a weak linebacker class this year. Henley has the speed to make plays in space, but at 225 pounds, he’s going to be one of the smaller linebackers in the league. He might not be the linebacker to help the Chargers improve their physicality up front and their ailing run defense.

Full Chargers draft

TCU WR Quentin Johnston (R1, 21st overall)

USC LB Tuli Tuipulotu (R2, 54th)

Washington State LB Daiyan Henley (R3, 85th)

TCU WR Derius Davis (R4, 125th)

Clemson OT Jordan McFadden (R5, 156th)

Boise State DT Scott Matlock (R6, 200th)

TCU QB Max Duggan (R7, 239th)