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2023 MLB Playoffs Preview: Braves & Dodgers | The Bandwagon

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Hannah Keyser and Zach Crizer go through all of the news in a busy week for baseball before starting their team-by-team MLB playoffs preview with the two best teams in the National League: the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Hannah and Zach start off this episode of the podcast talking about Shohei Ohtani’s torn UCL, a likely 2nd Tommy John surgery, and what it all means for his future and free agency in the upcoming offseason.

They then move on to the Seattle Mariners, who have caught fire and overtaken the AL West, and young phenom Julio Rodriguez. He’s on fire right now and the M’s are now in a much better position that they were even a year ago.

Hannah came up with a game where she quizzes Zach on who the best player on some of baseball’s worst teams are. The answers are surprising but, as per usual, Zach gets most of them right.

As a way to preview the upcoming playoffs, Hannah and Zach are each bandwagoning for teams that are going to be in. The two teams with the easiest path to win their divisions right now are the Atlanta Braves, who have one of the best young players in baseball in Ronald Acuña Jr., and the Los Angeles Dodgers, who might have one even better in Mookie Betts.

After discussing the teams themselves, Hannah and Zach wonder which team would win in a playoff series (and maybe in their regular season series later this week).

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