2023 Grammys: Beyoncé makes history, Harry Styles wins album of the year

Yahoo Finance Live anchors recap the 65th Annual Grammy Awards.

Video transcript


JULIE HYMAN: Hollywood rolling out the red carpet for the music industry's biggest night last night, the Grammys, of course. Beyoncé made history as the most decorated Grammy winner of all time. But the coveted Album of the Year Award went home with Harry Styles. And there was actually a lot of criticism that, you know Beyoncé didn't get that particular award.


I don't-- I don't have strong feelings either way.


JULIE HYMAN: OK, go for it. Tell us.

BRAD SMITH: "Renaissance" is an album of our lifetimes, quite frankly. And for it to be in a category-- and, yes, there were some amazing performances, awards given out. This was actually a really great year for music, all in.

You saw the emergence of some new artists that, I think, are also going to be the ones who are the bears, the standard bearers, and kind of receive the baton in this new age of digital consumption of music, but then are also championing everything from women's rights, to LGBTQ rights, and really using their platform and their music to pioneer and make sure that they're advancing culture. And so Beyoncé has been one of the standard bearers for a long time. And she's inspired everybody--


--including Lizzo who won her own performance-- won her own for Record of the Year last night.

JULIE HYMAN: Exactly, yeah. All right, well, I'm glad that you had strong feelings on that.

BRAD SMITH: I do. "Renaissance" is my-- that's one of my go-to--

JULIE HYMAN: Oh, we know. Oh, we know.

BRAD SMITH: --jams.

JULIE HYMAN: I think if we-- like, if there was a Spotify Rewind-- or excuse me, an Apple Music Rewind--

BRAD SMITH: Apple Music over here.

JULIE HYMAN: --for our preshow music, I think "Break My Soul" is--

BRAD SMITH: But Brian plays that.

BRIAN SOZZI: All the time.

JULIE HYMAN: --the one that has been playing--

BRAD SMITH: That's Brian.

JULIE HYMAN: --more than any other.

BRIAN SOZZI: Can I just say-- I want to this. I really enjoyed Harry Styles' outfit. I just have to get that out. It looked like a bedazzled wetsuit. I really dug it. Good for him.

JULIE HYMAN: I thought it was more of a harlequin situation.

BRIAN SOZZI: Really? it's cool.

BRAD SMITH: It's kind of like the streamers that you put up when people are coming over for a party.

BRIAN SOZZI: I'd love to wear it on-- one time for the show. I would love it.

JULIE HYMAN: I would also love that.

BRAD SMITH: Yes. Done.


Done, sign up.

JULIE HYMAN: You would break some--

BRIAN SOZZI: You won't break my soul. [LAUGHS]

JULIE HYMAN: --viewership records.

BRAD SMITH: Let us launch a subscription program before that so they have to buy in to see that happen.


JULIE HYMAN: Yes, I think that's a--

BRAD SMITH: Let's monetize this.

JULIE HYMAN: Maybe we can do some sort of auction-- charity auction to have Sozz wear that outfit.

BRIAN SOZZI: Please. I would love it.

BRAD SMITH: We're gonna start the poll right now.

BRIAN SOZZI: I'm ready to help. And if you win the auction, I come with 10 stock picks in that outfit. There we go.