2023 Champions League: How much prize money do the winners get after the final

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The UEFA Champions League 2022-2023 season is coming to an end and with the semi-finals being currently played out, soccer fans will get to see a new champion by early June. This year, we got to see some great football action on the field, with all 32 teams giving it their all to nab the trophy. This isn’t surprising, given the impressive prize money at stake this year. Not just the winners, even the runners-up and semi-finalists will be taking home a substantial amount of prize money.

As of now, the UEFA Champions League 2023 semi-finals are yet to be concluded, with Real Madrid defending the title against Manchester City and Inter Milan. The finals are set to be hosted between the two finalists on June 11, with the winner getting to lift the Champions League trophy along with a significant cash prize. Now some of you must be wondering, precisely what is the 2023 UEFA Champions League prize money that the winning team will be taking home?

2023 Champions League prize money: How much will the winners take home?

For the 2023 UEFA Champions League, UEFA has announced a total prize money pool of a whopping 2.032 billion Euros! Of this, how much will the winners take home? Well, that depends on who actually wins. For context, last year’s winner, Real Madrid, collected a total of EUR 83.2 million as the prize money, including the EUR 4.5 million they got for nabbing the top spot.

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In ideal conditions, if a team and its players perform at the top of their game in all the stages and then win the tournament, they will be entitled to a total prize money of EUR 85.14 million this year. UEFA keeps only 55 per cent of the total pool money for distribution among the clubs based on their results. The other 45 per cent of the pool money is split between 32 group-stage participants. The teams are ranked between No. 1 to No. 32, and the money is paid out in shares. The 32nd team gets to earn one share (approx. EUR 1.137 million) whereas the top team earns 32 shares (approx. EUR 36.38 million).

Then there’s the revenue based on broadcast deals, adding an extra EUR 300.3 million. 50 per cent of this is distributed on the basis of allocation to a national federation as fixed percentages determined by UEFA, while the other 50 per cent is distributed in proportion to the number of matches played by each club during the season.

When is the 2023 UEFA Champions League final taking place?

The 2023 Champions League finalists are yet to be decided but the final will be hosted on June 11 at 12:30 AM IST. This time, UEFA is hosting the event at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey.

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