2022's longest meteor shower so far lights up Brazil

STORY: Experts predicted that around 100,000 meteors would be recorded per hour, at a speed of 16 km (9.9 mi), considered low, with better visibility in the Northern Hemisphere, though they also appear to observers in the southern hemisphere – including Brazil.

"This meteor shower happened due to the fragments left behind by comet 73 P’s passage. Our planet crossed these fragments’ orbit for the first time and we may have a large number of fragments entering our atmosphere,” said Director at Heller & Jung Space Observatory, Carlos Fernando Jung.

The Heller & Jung Space Observatory recorded the fall of the meteor lasting 9.9 seconds, being the longest recorded in 2022. It entered the atmosphere at an altitude of 88.3 km (54.8 mi) and died out over the ocean.

The recording was made by two cameras at the observatory, one located in Porto Alegre, in the Petropolis neighbourhood, and the other in the Taquara region of Porto Alegre.

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