Our 2022 game of the year runner-up, the criminally underrated Marvel's Midnight Suns, is free to keep on the Epic Game Store


It is once again time to slam that "forgot password" button and log into your Epic Game Store account, because the new free game of the week is a heater: Our runner-up game of the year from 2022, the tactical RPG Marvel's Midnight Suns, is free to keep until June 13.

It's a game that didn't quite get the sales love it deserved⁠—some of Midnight Suns' developers argue its card-based systems might have put people off, but that also doesn't seem to be the whole story. Regardless, the PC Gamer team loved it. Midnight Suns takes the essence of modern XCOM, soups you up to superhero power levels, and adds on that aforementioned deckbuilding mechanic, as well as a BioWare-style "hang out with and befriend your companions" system. Instead of listening to Tali'Zorah bang on about the Flotilla, though, you're going on a nice walk with Iron Man or taking Blade out for a picnic.

PC Gamer contributor Jeremy Peel praised Midnight Suns as a "brilliant superhero social sim" in his 88% review of the game back in 2022. "Firaxis' big-budget contribution to the Marvel universe is just as dedicated a downtime simulator as it is a turn-based tactics game," Jeremy wrote. "And despite the studio's expertise historically skewing towards the latter, Midnight Suns is equally accomplished in both fields."

This free EGS version of Midnight Suns notably does not include any of its DLC, but that may not be a great loss: PC Gamer senior editor Robin Valentine argued last year that Midnight Suns deserved better post-launch support than it got. "The four new heroes all feel completely half-baked and uninspired," Robin argued. "Bland attack animations and boring mechanics make them a shadow of the cast of the core game."