2022 British Open: Watch Si Woo Kim's amazing bunker save

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Before the 150th British Open began, Tiger Woods reminisced on some of the changes that have come to the ancient course, specifically the 17th hole — a.k.a. the Road Hole.

"It's kind of funny when I look back at some of the historic videos of the guys playing out of the Road Hole bunker, and it really wasn't that deep," Woods said on Tuesday. "Now you can't see the grandstands when you get in there. All you see is clear, blue sky."

Si Woo Kim found himself in the Road Hole bunker on Thursday, and the clouds were gathering. He'd cleared the Old Course Hotel on his tee shot, but his approach found the bunker. And then his first attempt to clear the revetted bunker left him pinned up against the left wall of the deep, deep hole. He was in danger of watching a lovely three-under round evaporate, one of so many days sunk by the venomous, vengeful Road Hole.

Pressed up hard against the bunker wall, sporting a sweater that John Daly may have thought was a little much, Kim chopped straight down on the ball, then watched it pop up ... and roll right into the cup for an unconventional par. Kim slung his club into the air in exultation. Combined with a par on 18, he finished the day at -3, a solid afternoon round on a day when early-morning scores set the pace.

To date, Kim has not yet recorded a top-10 finish in a major. His best finish at an Open was a T67 in 2018. He's in position now for one of his strongest finishes in his career, and come Sunday, he'll have a miracle play at the 17th to thank for it.

Here's how far Si Woo Kim had to go on the 17th at the British Open. (Paul Ellis/AFP via Getty Images)
Here's how far Si Woo Kim had to go on the 17th at the British Open. (Paul Ellis/AFP via Getty Images)


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