20-Year-Old Tennessean Moved to Tears After Community Gifts Him a Car

A 20-year-old man was moved to tears on February 11 after being given a car that will provide vital transportation for him to start college and get to classes.

Angie Odom, founder and director of the TLC Community Center, an anti-abortion counseling center and food pantry in Elizabethton, Tennessee, helped arrange the gift for 20-year-old Jared. Odom said a supporter of the center wanted to give their 90-year-old mother’s car away after she died but wasn’t sure who to give it to. They wanted to give it to someone who deserved it, Odom said.

So she decided to give it to Jared, who has volunteered at the center for years. Jared rode his bike to get to work or the center, and he relied on the school bus during high school, Odom said.

“He couldn’t continue school because after graduation the school bus doesn’t take you to college,” the TLC Community Center said on Facebook. “He has held down a job riding his bike, and in this weather that says a lot. He never complains and always smiles, willing to help.”

Odom said Jared “cried for over 35 minutes” when he found out about the gift. He was moved to tears again after starting up the engine and sitting in the driver’s seat, footage filmed by Odom shows.

In addition to the new ride, another community member offered to pay for his car insurance for a year. Credit: TLC Community Center via Storyful