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Easter Appetizers Your Guests Will Devour Before the Big Feast

Before you dig into those delicious Easter dinner ideas you carefully crafted for your guests, you'll want to serve up some equally tasty Easter appetizers to get the party started. Nothing makes a dinner crowd more excited to sit down for the main course than some tantalizing appetizers that make then eagerly anticipate what's to come. In addition to the fruity Easter cocktails you concocted, pass around these spring-inspired apps to start the holiday off right.

There are several options for different appetites and palates, from light bites to hearty servings. Try the radish toasts or grilled artichokes with harissa honey dip for some lighter fare. For a precursor to the Easter ham, there are many ham-based dishes that will give them a taste without overdoing it. Try the ham and cheese pinwheels or the ham biscuit sandwiches with apricot mustard for bites that will get guests excited about the main attraction. There are other rich dishes to include, such as the bacon-wrapped dates with goat cheese or the apricot prosciutto focaccia. Just like you need some delicious Easter treats to end off the meal, you've got to have some mouthwatering, easy Easter appetizers that show everyone what they're in for!