2-Year-Old Boy Dies After Getting Swept Away In Bounce House By Powerful Wind

A 2-year-old boy died and another child was injured in Casa Grande, Arizona, over the weekend, after they were playing in a bounce house that was suddenly blown away by a strong wind.

The incident happened on Saturday at 5 p.m. local time, when an abrupt gust of wind hit the inflatable structure, sending it flying into a nearby lot, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement to mediaoutlets.

One of the toddlers, a boy named Bodhi, was rushed to a local hospital and later pronounced dead from his injuries. A second child was also taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Bodhi’s parents are named Cristy and Karl, fire officials said in an Instagram poston Monday. Karl is a Phoenix firefighter.

The couple are expecting their second child next month amid this “unimaginable hell,” the Phoenix Fire Department Station 25 wrote in the post.

The county sheriff’s office said it is sending “heartfelt thoughts and prayers” to the families, The Arizona Republic reports.

Authorities say the incident appears to be a “tragic accident.” An investigation is ongoing.