2 Male Sportswriters Slammed For Suggesting WNBA Share Team Names With NBA

Two sportswriters fouled out on Wednesday when they offered a really, really bad take on WNBA team names.

During an episode of “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” Ethan Strauss, who covers the Golden State Warriors for The Athletic, griped that it was too hard to remember the names of all 12 WNBA teams.

He thought it would make life so much easier if the WNBA teams just changed their names to variations of existing NBA teams.

“Like, why force people to learn about ‘the Fever’? Why not just have the ‘W Pacers’?” Strauss suggested. “I think that makes it so much easier to just resonate and cut across.”

Simmons agreed: “Like how in college, where it would be, like, ‘the Lady Gamecocks.’”

Their proposal didn’t get much support on social media. In fact, the two sportswriters’ seeming struggle to remember 12 team names ― names that, you know, you could easily look up on Google if you had to ― was brutally mocked.