2 Journalists Who Sued HFPA Seek $2.5 Million Settlement (Exclusive)

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Norwegian journalist Kjersti Flaa and Spaniard Rosa Gamazo Robbins, who sued the Hollywood Foreign Press Association last year after being denied membership, are seeking $2.5 million in settlement as well as admission to the embattled organization that hands out the Golden Globes. According to an email exchange on May 10 between Flaa’s attorney David Quinto and the HFPA’s attorney Marvin Putnam obtained by TheWrap, Flaa is seeking $1.6 million in damages and Gamazo Robbins is demanding $700,000 plus $200,000 in legal fees, all payable over three years. In addition, Quinto requested “a mutual non-disparagement provision” and a promise that HFPA will not retaliate “against anyone the group might believe provided assistance to Quinto or the Los Angeles Times in its exposé from last month that led to a major fallout for the group.” The provision seems like a backhanded-admission that the journalists acted as sources for the LA Times’ article alleging internal corruption by paying members to be on committees, and noting the lack of Black members in the group. Asked for comment, the HFPA provided TheWrap with this statement: “The claim that any applicants have been rejected is false. The Board priority is – and continues to be – comprehensive...

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