1Password introduces recovery codes and QR-code sign in

 1Password QR-code sign in.
Credit: 1Password

1Password has launched two new features to make using one of the best password managers even easier.

First off, recovery codes will look to help 1Password users securely recover their accounts even without their account password or secret key.

The second feature will provide users with the means to add their 1Password account to a new device quickly and securely by scanning a QR code with their mobile device, acting as a multi-factor authenticator.

User experience just keeps getting better

Recovery codes
Recovery codes

1Password has been working hard in recent months to improve security and user experience, with the launch of the every-device secure sign-in solution back in May 2024, providing businesses with the means to manage sign-ins on every device registered to the organization.

The recovery codes should be set up while you have access to your account, otherwise you may struggle to log in if your forget your password or secret key. The unique code should be stored somewhere safe until you need it.

The QR code scanner provides a secure channel between your mobile device and the device you are signing in to. As an added bonus, 1Password have also made manual sign in easier and more intuitive. Currently in beta, this feature is expected to be fully functional by the end of summer 2024.

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