199 New Shoes Just Dropped at Zara—These Are the 25 Best

Kristen Nichols
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The biggest 2021 trends are now upon us, and many of them are already sitting at Zara. Among them, some of the popular shoe trends that are bubbling up, ranging from house shoes to chunky boots and loafers. With so many pieces arriving at Zara, though, it can take a chunk of time to sift through them all.

If you want to know which styles are worth investing in for the season ahead, I’ve done the work for you. I scrolled through all of the 199 new shoe arrivals at Zara to uncover the 25 best. Ahead, I’ve organized the best shoes from Zara according to type so you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for—whether you’re in the market for boots, sneakers, or heels. Go on to shop my picks of affordable styles to add to your closet.


Zara Fleece Mules ($50)

Zara Fleece Split Leather Clogs ($60)

Zara Faux Fur Ballet Flats ($50)

Zara Low Heel Leather Sandals With Fleece ($60)

Zara Low Heeled Crossed Leather Sandals ($60)


Zara Lug Sole Low Heel Leather Ankle Boots ($129)

Zara Low Heeled Lug Sole Leather Ankle Boots ($129)

Zara Flat Hiking Style Boots ($169)

Zara Neoprene Heeled Ankle Boots ($70)

Zara Low Heel Rubberized Ankle Boots ($80)


Zara Low Heel Rubberized Boots ($80)

Zara Tall Leather Boots ($229)

Zara Low Heel Quilted Tall Boots ($90)

Zara Low Heel High Shaft Treaded Sole Boots ($119)

Zara Low Heeled Stretch Tall Boots Trf ($70)


Zara Contrasting Soft Sneakers ($50)

Zara Quilted Contrasting Fabric Sneakers ($70)

Zara Treaded Sole Loafers ($60)

Zara Low Heel Multi-Chain Loafers ($50)


Zara Square Toe Heeled Sandals ($50)

Zara Mesh Heels With Chain Strap ($60)

Zara Low Vamp Heeled Shoes ($50)

Zara Animal Print Heeled Sandals ($50)

Zara Minimalist Heeled Mules ($60)

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