19 'Normal' Things Affluent People Have Said That'll Give You A Sneak Peek As To How The Other Half Lives

Sometimes, people say things that might sound ridiculous, but it could be totally normal for them. Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the wildest thing a rich person has ever said to their face. Here are some of the most memorable responses:

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"You mean your parents aren't paying for your college?"


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"'It's not my fault I was born with hardworking parents.' Then, when I gave him a blank stare, he switched [that] to, 'I meant it's not my fault I was born into a rich family.'"


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"A woman I know once complained that '[her] family [wasn't] rich; all their money is tied up in property.' She said it with a totally straight face."


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"I was a teacher at a private school in southern California. I had an upper grade student who frequently did not bother with homework, and would lie about it. He would claim that he did it, but he did not know if his nanny or his housekeeper forgot to put it in his backpack."


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"'Really love your furniture,' said several times, sarcastically, always by white, rich boys. My family wasn't poor, but all my college apartment furniture was secondhand, some of it kind of shabby. I immediately told them to leave and never spoke to them again."


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"I bartend at a pretty nice hotel, but nothing to write home about. One of our 'guests' was telling me about the last time he stayed here because he was 'in town buying a small jet.' I looked at the obvious sugar baby and/or escort and said 'of course, as one does,' making them both laugh before purposefully ignoring them the rest of the busy Saturday night."


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"The son of the owner of the company I worked for in the early to mid '90s: 'No one in this company should have to live paycheck-to-paycheck.' I was making $6.00/hour at the time. He was my age (mid-20s) and lived in a $2 million house."


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"One time I was eating fruit out of a can in college because it was cheaper than buying fresh fruit, and my ultra-wealthy friend said to me, 'I have other friends who eat canned fruit, but I really like fresh fruit. I guess I'm just unusual for my age.'"


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"I bought a 1970s house and was excited about it, but I missed the large sunny windows of my rental. I mentioned that in a conversation with an affluent friend who said, 'Well, you can hire someone to make them all bigger.'"


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"Back in the day, a boy from my high school was from an incredibly wealthy family (as in he had three nice cars to himself when he was 17 level of wealthy). Meanwhile, my family had difficulty maintaining basic utilities on a monthly basis because we were poor. Well, for whatever reason that is beyond me, he took a liking to me and asked me out on a date. Specifically, he asked me if he could take me to the mall and pay to take me on a shopping spree like in Pretty Woman because he thought that I was cute, but that I looked shabby because of my old used clothes. I very swiftly rejected him. He made me feel so belittled for being poor by saying that, and it still stings every once in a while."


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"I used to live with an incredibly wealthy Russian girl. Her sister came to stay once, and when I came back from work, her sister earnestly asked me, 'So you get up at 7:00 and go to work EVERY DAY?' She was absolutely shocked. My housemate chimed in, 'I know right, it's [wild]' and [looked] at me like I had two heads. Absolutely absurd."


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"'If you're so unhappy with your pay from your chosen career, why don't you just go back to school and get another degree?' This was while I was already in the hole for close to $70k for just my bachelor's. Meanwhile, she had paid for all of her children's and grandchildren's educations, and set them all up with trusts."


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"I used to work in a bar in a really expensive part of Fife in Scotland. There was a customer who was a friend of the owner. He used to invent problems with his car and take it to the garage whenever he needed the screen wash topped [off] as he couldn't figure out how to do a manual task like that. The mechanic would say, 'I can't find any knocking from underneath,' and he would say, 'That’s fine, but can you just top [off] the water while I'm here anyway?'"


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"I spent the Christmas holiday with my best friend in a San Diego suburb. While enjoying a nightcap and speaking with my buddy's father, he whispered to me, 'Even with all your education, you will never see this kind of wealth in your lifetime.' The father, who lives solely off of an eight-figure trust fund, felt insecure so he felt it necessary to say that to me. While his statement was true, it was unnecessary and mean."


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"I was a fundraiser at a nonprofit hospital. One of my board members had just had her third child. I was visiting her in her private suite at the hospital while a man was picking up flowers, gifts, etc. to load into a car to take back to her mansion. She kept thanking 'captain.' I finally realized that this man was the captain of her private yacht. When not busy with yachting duties, he was employed for other tasks to justify his payroll. Only the rich..."



"'Why aren't you doubling up on your mortgage payments? You don't have to pay the interest if you pay ahead. That's how I paid off my 30-year mortgage in just over 10 years,' said by someone who, accounting for inflation, made twice as much as me when they bought their first house. I'm one major appliance death away from not being able to afford food for two months."


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"My best friend of 13 years is a lovely woman, but I think she often forgets that the rest of the world isn't as financially well off as her. The other day, she came to my house, and we were discussing our recent vacations and exchanging stories. She told me that on her most recent trip, 'I'm telling you, I was the only one with a Ferrari in the whole city! Can you believe that?' She honestly didn't mean it in a condescending way or anything; she was just genuinely surprised. I had to hold down my exasperated cackle."


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"I was a scholarship student at a private high school. My very wealthy friend was a boarding student, and constantly bugged me for rides off-campus. She never once pitched in for gas, paid for my meal, or even a beverage. She repeatedly mentioned how nice it was to be around someone who never expected her to pay for things. I was too embarrassed to point out that I worked nights and weekends to buy the gas she was using for free."


And finally,
And finally,

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And finally, "I dated this millionaire guy who, on a whim, wanted to take off to Mexico City with me for a romantic getaway. I, a person who works for a living, said I couldn't miss my clients' appointments. He then asked for my boss's number and said he would pay her to cover for me. The flight left that night, and with no time to pack, he said we would just 'buy everything when we get there.'"