18-year-old Russian agent detained by SBU in Kyiv Oblast, faces life imprisonment

Detained Russian agent
Detained Russian agent

A Russian agent has been detained in Kyiv Oblast by the SBU Security Service of Ukraine who was collecting intelligence on the Defense Forces and critical infrastructure in the region, the SBU reported on Feb. 13.

The suspect attempted to pinpoint the locations of Armed Forces aviation and showed interest in the routes and frequency of flights of Ukrainian aircraft.

To gather information, the Russian agent rented an apartment near a local airfield for a few days.

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Additionally, he surveyed the geolocation of the Armed Forces’ air defense systems and assessed the accuracy of strikes on power facilities.

SBU officers apprehended the suspect while he was conducting further reconnaissance near a power generating facility in Kyiv.

According to the investigation, the Russian agent, an 18-year-old resident of Kyiv, was recruited remotely several months ago by a Russian FSB officer.

The Kyiv resident attracted the attention of the enemy special service due to his activity in pro-Kremlin Telegram channels, where he advocated for the Russian war against Ukraine.

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For carrying out his “tasks,” the suspect received funds from the FSB, which were deposited into his bank account.

During searches at the detainee’s apartment, the SBU confiscated a mobile phone and a computer containing evidence of his correspondence with the Russian special service, as well as a bank card with funds from the FSB.

SBU investigators have formally notified the suspect of suspicion of high treason, committed under martial law.

<span class="copyright">Security Service of Ukraine</span>
Security Service of Ukraine
<span class="copyright">Security Service of Ukraine</span>
Security Service of Ukraine

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