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Creamy Chicken and Rice

There's nothing better than a warm bowl of the good stuff - aka Creamy Chicken and Rice - that packs in major flavor without taking forever to make.

18 Delicious Slow-Cooker Meals Your Kids Will Actually Flippin' Eat

After a long day of work or carting the kids to school, their respective activities, and then home for the night, we often wish that dinner would just magically make itself. And while there's no spell that we're aware of that will make this happen, your slow cooker - or Instant Pot, if that's more of your jam - is the next best thing. From delicious sloppy joes that melt in your mouth to homemade chicken soup that's sure to warm the soul, these recipes are both easy to make and completely kid-approved. Scroll through to get a look at some of our favorite creations!


Let Your Slow Cooker Do All the Work With These 85 Easy Recipes