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18 Couples on the Song that Defines Their Relationship

If my years-long obsession with so-bad-they’re-actually-good romantic comedies taught me anything, it’s that the grand recognition of love moment usually comes in the form of the classic “our song” scene. You’ve seen it before: The couple will have an intense argument, or there will be a big revelation that someone lied in an effort to protect the other’s feelings, leading to some sort of split. Time will pass and somehow, the couple will “randomly” spot each other in a crowded area while a sappy love song plays faintly in the background. A deep sigh of relief will follow, then someone will say, “Honey, they’re playing our song,” before the dramatic romantic embrace.

For many IRL couples, their special song is tied to a memory that brings them back to an important moment in their relationship—the first date, the first road trip, first dance, the first argument, etc.—and is the glue that holds the couple together. So in honor of Valentine’s Day, I asked 18 couples to share the special song that defines their relationship, from Axwell’s bright dance banger “More Than You Know” to Major’s ridiculously romantic ballad “This Is Why I Love You.”

18 Couples on the Song that Defines Their Relationship

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