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18 Brilliant Ideas for Painted Floors

There are so many ways to add personality to your home. A statement-making accent wall can truly transform a room from blah to beautiful. Painted furniture brings color and a certain charm that plain wooden pieces lack. If you're looking for other ways to add more color to a space, look down. Yep, those beat-up old floors can become a great big blank canvas.

You've likely tackled a paint project at some point. Whether you've schooled yourself on how to paint a room or tried your hand at painting kitchen cabinets, you probably haven't painted a floor. (Although if you've painted stairs, you're already a step ahead.)

First, consider your supplies. If you think you can paint floors with regular wall paint, you're sadly mistaken. Paint manufacturers offer super durable porch and floor paint products and sealers that will keep your painted floors, well, painted. And if you're planning a floor-to-ceiling paint party, paint your floors after you paint everything else. You don't want drips from the ceiling and walls messing up your masterpiece underfoot.

So how much will this character cost you? Not much! Aside from the cost of paint and supplies, you really just need to invest some good ol' sweat equity. Be warned: Painted floors do require a little maintenance. If you want to keep them looking pristine, expect to repaint them every year or two. The upkeep is obviously easier if you pick a solid color. Got a detailed pattern in mind? Seal with a couple of coats of polyurethane to keep them nicer longer.

So, so long plain floors! Here, 18 ideas for painted floors to add a sea of character to your home.

18 Brilliant Ideas for Painted Floors

With a few strokes of the paintbrush, your floors can transform into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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