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17 Low-Maintenance Houseplants You Can Actually Keep Alive

Bringing your first houseplant home can be intimidating. There are endless varieties of indoor plants to choose from, and if you've never cared for a plant before, you might have no idea which one to choose. Factor in that some plants are much harder to care for and require a lot of attention, and it's even more of a challenge. If you want to spruce up your home with a little greenery but you're new to plant parenthood and want to stick to plants that are more forgiving and low-maintenance, here's what you need to know, from which plants to buy to how to keep them alive and happy.

According to plant resources Bloomscape, 1-800-Flowers, Costa Farms, and Urban Sprouts owner Jen Stearns, these houseplants are fairly easy to care for—no green thumb required, and no need to worry about them dying in a month despite your best efforts. You've got this!