164 emaciated dogs rescued from Japanese home

That is the sound of 164 emaciated dogs that had been crammed into a tiny house in western Japan.

They were discovered by health officials in what activists have called one of the country's worst cases of animal hoarding.

The parasite-infested animals were found in a 323 square foot house in the city of Izumo in mid-October after neighbors had complained.

That's according to Kunihisa Sagami, the head of animal rights group Dobutsukikin.

"The entire floor was filled with dogs, and all the floor spaces you could see were covered with feces. We will be spaying and neutering the dogs, vaccinating them, and getting rid of the parasites."

The dogs had been packed onto shelves and under tables and chairs.

The house was first visited seven years ago by public health officials after complaints about the noise and a bad smell.

But the owner refused to let them in to investigate at the time.

Three people live in the house. They say they could not afford to spay and neuter the dogs - so they just kept breeding.

Sagami says the family has agreed to give up the dogs.

His group will be looking for foster homes for them after they receive medical care.