16 Summer Nail Trends to Elevate Your Next Manicure

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Summer is here, and with that comes lightweight fabrics, extra SPF, and nail looks that reflect the season's warmth. While bright red manis and pedis are always in style for the hottest season of the year (and all year long, really), you may feel inclined to switch things up in the weeks and months to come. To help you do just that, we chatted with a few nail experts about the top summer nail trends dominating the manicure world. Ahead, peruse 16 nail art ideas you can’t go wrong with for summer 2024.

Multicolor Pastel Jelly Nails

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Pastels might be reserved for spring, but in 2024, the soft hues are a shoo-in for summer, too. “Soft nail looks are on the rise and nail looks with sheer or jelly finishes in pastel shades give off a refreshing and playful look that is perfect for summer,” says manicurist and Nailing Hollywood CEO Mazz Hanna. “You can get the look by opting for three to five different jelly shades and either use a pattern of alternating colors or paint each nail a different color.” Pro Tip: Hanna says that if you’re using gel, you can mix clear builder gel or gel base coat with any color to create custom jelly colors.

Fruit Nails

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Is there anything more refreshing than a summer fruit salad? Turns out, fruit makes for some pretty fab summer nail art, too. “Fruit-themed nail looks are fun, vibrant, and perfect for summer,” Hanna says. “To get the look at home, use nail stickers, decals, or hand-paint small fruit designs on a pastel or clear base.” Want something more intricate or even 3D? Make an appointment at your local salon (just be sure to look at their IG to ensure they have the chops to recreate your fruity vision).

Blooming Gel Nails

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If you’ve always loved the look of tie-dye, watercolor, and water-marble nails but don’t have the chops to DIY the look, Hanna suggests reaching for a bottle of blooming gel. “Blooming gel can be used to create super fun marble looks that look great with bright summer colors,” she explains. “To get the look at home, apply a layer of blooming gel over your base color and use a dotting tool or brush to add drops of different colors. The blooming gel will cause the colors to spread and create a marble effect.”

3D Nail Art

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Feeling bold? Elevate your summer manicure with 3D nail art. “Clear 3D nail art accents give off a bubbly and refreshing look that is perfect for summer,” Hanna says. Admittedly, 3D nail art looks can be difficult to recreate at home, but it is possible with builder gel and a nail art brush. Nail artist Dayanna I. Sapiens says you can also get the look with rhinestone glue. Her suggestion? Use it to create swirls and blobs on top of a mix-and-match mani.

Neon French Tips

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Neons are forever a summer fave and classic French tips remain a popular nail art design in 2024. Obviously, that means the two should be combined for the ultimate summer manicure. “Neon colors are bold and eye-catching, which is ideal for making a statement in summer,” Hanna says. “Use a sheer base and a fine liner brush to paint on your neon French tips.” Struggle with the arches? You can use French manicure stencils and/or a touch-up brush to perfect the look. A color-block approach like the one above is a cute idea, too.

Blue Nail Art

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Looking for a way to lean into summer fashion trends and the vibe of the season overall? Opt for blue nail art. “Blue nail art is refreshing, calming, and gives off beachy vibes,” Hanna says. “Experiment with different shades of blue, incorporating patterns like waves, ombre effects, or abstract line work.”

If you prefer a solid nail look, Olive & June VP of Content & Creative and Mani Trend Expert, Olivia Van Iderstine, says to reach for cobalt. “The shade on everyone's manis this summer is a bright, deep cobalt blue,” she says. “It's bold but still super wearable.”

Pink and Orange Nails

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For a warm-toned summer mani, opt for shades of pink and orange. “Pink and orange are vibrant, warm colors that perfectly capture the vibes of summer sunsets,” Hanna says. “Use pink and orange polishes with blooming gel or a blending sponge to create ombre effects, geometric patterns, or color-block designs.”

Bug Nails

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If you like to spend your summers outside, taking in nature, you’ll likely love the fact that bug nail art is trending for summer 2024. “Bug nail art is quirky, fun, and brings a playful and natural element to your summer nails,” Hanna says. “Use tiny decals or hand-paint cute bugs like ladybugs, bees, or butterflies.”

Floral Nails

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Floral nail art might not be groundbreaking but it is pretty perfect for summer. “Delicate floral designs are timeless and elegant and always look beautiful in the summer,” Hanna says. They're also a bit nostalgic. “When Hailey Bieber announced her pregnancy, all of our eyes were on her mani,” Van Iderstine says. “She sported a sweet cherry blossom design that reminded us of ‘90s manicures.” You can use a fine liner brush or nail art stickers to get the look.

Citrus Chrome Nails

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Sapiens says that glazed, chrome nails remain a popular nail trend for summer 2024. “To make them the perfect nails for your summer vacation pick a color that makes you feel positive, joyful, and energetic like yellow,” she suggests and Van Iderstine agrees. You can get the look with chrome powder overtop a butter yellow base or make it easy on yourself with citrus chrome press-ons.

Cute Nail Art

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Sure, chic, minimalist nails can be gorgeous but what about those days when you just want to look down at your hands and feel cute? “Cute nail art with delicate accents is perfect for adding a touch of charm to your summer look,” Hanna says, noting that hearts, flowers, and teddy bears are some of her favorite accents. “Use fine liner brushes, dotting tools, or nail stickers to create the small accents, and opt for a mix of bright colors and pastels to make these cute designs pop and give your nails a cheerful aesthetic.”

Lip Gloss Mani

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If you like sheer nail looks, you’ll be glad to know that lip gloss manicures are very in as we head into summer 2024. “Summer is hot and nothing is more essential in summer than an effortless mani that just feels shiny, fresh, and gorgeous,” Van Iderstine says. “Lip gloss manis are as easy as their makeup counterpart—they go with everything and make everything shiny and beautiful.” The only question is, will you go with a high-shine gloss or a high-shine shimmer gloss? We especially love the latter for a nostalgic, early ‘00s-inspired look.

Millennial Turquoise Nails

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We love millennial pink but millennial turquoise? We’re obsessed! “A bright pop of nearly neon turquoise is another Summer 2024 favorite,” Van Iderstine says. “It feels bright, but still cool because of the blue-green hue. And the glowy shade totally pops on everyone.”

Spritz Nails

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Spritz nails took the manicure world by storm last summer and the red-orange polish continues to inspire endless nail art ideas. “Everyone's favorite summer sip gets the mani treatment,” Van Iderstine says. “We'll cheers to this mani!” Love the color but want to jazz it up? Van Iderstine suggests opting for a shimmer shade to mimic the effervescence of the popular cocktail.

Pearl Nails

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If you prefer more neutral nail looks, simply add a pearl finish for a more summery take. “Paint everything pearl,” Van Iderstine exclaims. “Pearl jewelry is majorly trending for summer, and a mani to match is everything. This is a shimmery way to make a neutral mani feel a little more special.”

Euro Summer Nails

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Swooning over all the Eurotrip posts spamming your feed? Whether you have a trip planned yourself or simply want to get in on the fun, Sapiens suggests a Euro summer-inspired nail look. “As the name suggests these are the perfect nails to wear if you're spending your summer sipping Aperol spritz and sunbathing,” she says. “You [just] need a bright royal blue to create some teardrop shapes and dots.”

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