17 Easy Mediterranean Diet Meal Prep Recipes

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When it comes to eating plans, the Mediterranean diet is about as low-stress as it gets. The rules are flexible (avoid red meat, but ehh, it’s OK every once in a while), and there are plenty of fresh, delicious ingredients to choose from. But that still doesn’t mean it’s easy to throw together healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner during a busy workweek. Enter our beloved meal prep—put in a little extra time making these 16 Mediterranean diet recipes on the weekend and you’ll be set up for success all week long.

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1. Pesto Quinoa Bowls with Roasted Veggies and Labneh

These vitamin-packed bowls are super simple to prep. Roast all the veggies together in one pan with a little olive oil, make a batch of quinoa and have pesto and labneh (or Greek yogurt) on hand for quick lunchtime assembly.

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2. 15-Minute Mediterranean Couscous with Tuna and Pepperoncini

Who said meal prep had to take over your entire Sunday? This quick and easy lunch takes only 15 minutes to throw together, so you officially have no excuses—even on the busiest weekends.

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3. Instant Pot Yogurt

We always thought that making yogurt was a little above our pay grade. But thanks to the Instant Pot, it couldn’t be easier. Cut up some fruit and you’re set for breakfasts for the entire week.

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4. Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Our idea of security is a big container of this in our fridge at all times. (We like to make a double batch of the lemon-herb vinaigrette and use it on green salads, too.)

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5. Harissa Chickpea Stew with Eggplant and Millet

We love coming home to a warm, filling, healthy meal…especially if the only thing to do is heat it up. If you can’t find millet, this stew is also great over brown rice, quinoa or couscous.

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6. Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Stuffed Peppers

Low-carb, low-fat and tons of flavor. With all that tangy Greek yogurt, you’ll never miss the mayo.

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7. Seven-Ingredient Quinoa Granola

We get that the idea of granola as a health food is kind of a myth. But this one—with protein-packed dried quinoa, nuts and just a little bit of natural sweetener—actually lives up to its reputation. Throw it on yogurt, cereal and even salads.

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8. Detox Moroccan-Spiced Chickpea Glow Bowl

With spicy chickpeas, crunchy cucumber salad, couscous or quinoa and plenty of fresh herbs, this bowl is a study in contrasts, and we love it. Prep and store all of the components separately and assemble them every day for easy lunches or dinners.

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9. Mediterranean Avocado Chicken Salad

Featuring feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs and plenty of smashed avocado, this is no ordinary chicken salad. We’re betting you get a few jealous looks when you break it out in the office kitchen.

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10. Overnight Oats with Blueberries and Almonds

When we don’t have healthy breakfast options on hand, we’ve been known to grab a granola bar and then hangrily snack until lunch. So it’s a much better plan to make a bunch of these, which are creamy and delicious and also full of all sorts of good-for-you stuff.

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11. Orange Orzo Salad with Almonds, Feta and Olives

This salad is basically meal prep magic—it actually tastes better after sitting in the fridge. And we love the salty-sweet combo of feta and olives with orange juice.

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12. Greek Lemon Chicken Soup

This soup is as fresh and veggie-forward as a salad, but somehow so much more filling and satisfying (especially on a cold day).

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13. Slow-Cooker Mediterranean Frittata

Call us crazy, but we think frittatas taste even better cold. We like making one of these on a Sunday and grabbing slices for breakfast (or lunch) all week long.

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14. Instant Pot Mediterranean Greek Shredded Chicken and Rice Bowl

Both the chicken and the brown rice cook in the Instant Pot, which means all of your hard work is done quickly. Top with olives, hummus (store bought is a-OK) and Greek yogurt and voilà—lunches are ready.
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15. Ten-Minute Tomato Basil Soup

Sadly, grilled cheese sandwiches aren’t encouraged on the Mediterranean Diet. But we’ve found that a cup of this with a side salad or some pita and hummus still makes for a pretty satisfying lunch.

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16. Meal Prep Mediterranean Bowls

We won’t say no to anything that involves za’atar roasted chickpeas and marinated feta, but the veggie fritters really put it over the edge.

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17. Chickpea Tuna Salad

We always keep chickpeas and good quality canned tuna on hand in the pantry. Combine those with plenty of crunchy veggies and you’ve got a pretty terrific lunch.

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