These 16 Meals & Snacks Are Great For A Diet

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These 16 Meals & Snacks Are Great For A DietCraig F. Walker - Getty Images

Here are some of our healthy meal and snack suggestions incorporating items from our healthy grocery list you can look at here. We've run the gamut of options for every time of day, so peruse this list and enjoy!


The most important meal of the day is sometimes hard to plan if you're not a morning person, so we've got you covered!

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Yogurt Parfait

This is a refreshing and healthy breakfast option. We love a parfait layered with berries, pomegranate arils, chia, nuts and seeds, topped with a cinnamon sprinkle or citrus zest

Here's another parfait recipe from Delish

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Another easy and healthy breakfast is an egg scramble or omelet, which you could prepare with spinach, peppers, and low-fat cheese.

Here are more omelette recipes from Delish

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Chia Pudding

If you're tired of oatmeal, try a refreshing chia pudding with nut milk, protein powder and berries.

Learn about the surprising health benefits of chia seeds.

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If you want a healthy start to your day try a smoothie made with protein powder or low-fat or non-fat Greek yogurt, fresh or frozen spinach, frozen berries, cinnamon, nut milk and chia seeds

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It can be easy to revert to ordering lunch if you haven't planned on what to eat ahead of time, here are some suggestions to shake you out of that habit!

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If you followed our shopping list, try a salad with lettuce, carrots, artichokes, tomatoes and olives, topped with frozen/fresh/canned fish or chicken.

Here are more salad recipes from Delish

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Cauliflower Rice Meals

You could try a rice bowl with low-fat protein (chicken, fish or beans), sautéed veggies and sliced avocado, and substitute frozen cauliflower rice for extra antioxidants! This cauliflower rice creation photographed here is a cauliflower rice pilaf.

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We love a whole grain tortilla wrap with lettuce, tomato, turkey (or tempeh), low-fat cheese and mustard.

Here are more wrap recipes from Delish

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If you're tired after a hard day of work and need some easy ideas for a nutritious last meal of the day, we've got you covered!

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Burrito-Style Bowl

If you want to make this classic healthier, you could try a bowl with cauliflower rice, beans, lettuce, salsa, guacamole, chicken or ground turkey or tempeh, low-fat Greek yogurt and shredded low-fat cheese.

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Alternative Pastas

This delicious meal here is not pasta, but actually spaghetti squash with tempeh bolognese. We love to try other forms of this comfort food, and also recommend subbing in turkey meatballs, and you could also try gluten free pasta or zoodles.

Here's a gluten-free pasta guide from Delish

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One-Sheet Pan Dinners

We've got some delicious sheet pan dinners which are both easy and healthy. This meal photographed here is an easy chicken recipe with chickpeas, peppers and harissa spices.

sheet pan chickpea chicken
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Here are some healthy ways to satisfy those snack cravings in between meals..

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Apples & Nut Butter

This childhood classic snack is pretty much great anytime, and quite wholesome on top of that!

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If it hasn't been slathered in butter and salt, popcorn is a perfectly nutritious snack!

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Hummus & Veggies

You can never go wrong with a veggie platter and some hummus.

carrot hummus served at greens on thursday, sept 26, 2019, in san francisco, calif greens, a longstanding vegetarian restaurant is commemorating its 40 year anniversary this year
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Along with fruits, dark chocolate and more, there are plenty of sweet snacks you can have that are still beneficial.

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Nut Butter-Stuffed Dates

The rich, sweet flavor of a date pairs perfectly with a salty nut butter is an excellent combination.

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70% Dark Chocolate

We're not anti-chocolate here in the slightest, but it's good to know that dark actually has some beneficial minerals in it like zinc, magnesium and iron.

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Fresh Pineapple with Cashews

You heard us right, this is a pretty stellar combination and not complicated to put together as long as you know how to slice a pineapple.

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