15-year-old activist fights climate change in Kenya

(Rahmina Paulette, Climate activist) “My message to the older generations and the African leaders in regards to the climate strike is that we need to work together in terms of enhancing more future sustainable projects and having more eco-friendly businesses that won’t be part of the people or even the initiative that are increasing the carbon footprint into the atmosphere, which will lead to the global warming and climate change.”

Location: Kisumu, Kenya

15-year-old Rahmina Paulette is a Kenyan climate activist

When she’s not in school or organizing protests

she helps to remove plastic from Lake Victoria

and creates eco-products out of the water hyacinth

She’s also a wildlife ambassador for a local impala park

"So, there has been an increase in pollution as the years go by and today we have luckily collected many tons of plastic waste and also other wastes. So, this also reflects on the ideas of people not actually taking the proper waste management issue as serious. So, we are trying to sensitize the community in order for them to get the knowledge and at the same time to involve them in such activities so that they may be aware of climate change. "

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