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Meet and Mingle

On public engagements, it had always been customary for the royal family to process through the crowds without stopping, until the queen introduced the royal walkabout on a tour of Australia and New Zealand in 1970. It was Princess Diana, however, who took things to another level as she waded into crowds with her hand outstretched, welcoming hugs and crouching down on the floor to chat with children to create a feeling of intimacy and empathy. One of the many traditions that William and Harry have inherited from their mother is this trait, often revealing little tidbits of information about their family or personal lives along the way.

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15 Major Ways Princess Diana Changed the Royal Family

When 20-year-old Lady Diana Spencer married into the royal family in 1981, there was much about the institution that had remained unchanged for decades, even centuries. As she began to feel her way through royal life, Diana's fresh, informal, and progressive style initially sent shock waves through the corridors of the palaces, but the changes she brought about have helped the family evolve with the times - and her children and grandchildren continue to benefit to this day. See 15 major ways Diana changed the royal family.


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