15 Great Environmental Movies to Stream on Earth Day

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15 Great Environmental Movies to Stream on Earth Day

Earth Day shouldn’t be the only day we think about preserving our planet, but it comes as a helpful reminder of how precious and finite our resources are. While it has already been seven years since the United Nations came together in Paris for the COP21 — the 21st Conference of the Parties to the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), in which many countries forged, signed and ratified an agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions and hold global warming below 2 degrees Celsius total, many of the films released right before the onset of COVID or during the pandemic itself hint at the continued importance of maintaining a healthy environment, most suggesting that humanity hasn’t made much progress since 2015.

Earth and nature mean many things to many people, whether it be a break from technology, a chance to practice spirituality or a mental health booster. Some people seek extreme encounters with nature, like Marc-André Leclerc in “The Aplinist” (2020), while others dive or dig deep into human practices that have put the planet in decline, like in Netflix’s “Seaspiracy” (2021).

Regardless of the type of engagement with the environment, the future of healthy interaction with the Earth is, like Earth’s resources, finite, if we continue to treat them the way that we do. Even one of the following films can enlighten the consequences of failing to take care of our planet.

So below, we’ve assembled a list of the best Earth Day movies to watch in 2022.

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