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26 Back-To-School DIYs to Pump Your Kids up for a New School Year

Remember the excitement of pulling out your fresh Jansport backpack and those brand-new school supplies for the first time? Same. And while many things have changed over the years, the universal love for cute pencils, notebooks, and arts and crafts will never be too cool for school. Start your students's year off in style — from pre-k through high school — with these easy back-to-school crafts.

Bonus: Not only are these projects fun to make, they serve a purpose, too. From desk organization to places to keep notes and reminders to locker decorations, your kids will keep using their creations for the rest of the year. (Which means that you don't need to figure out a place to keep them once they're done.)

So, what's your kid's style? Are they looking to celebrate the fall spirit and take on an apple-themed project? Are they looking for something trendy and of-the-moment, filled with emojis or rainbows? Or do they want something more classic and watercolor-inspired? No matter what their school style is, they can DIY a back-to-school craft to match — and we give that an A+.