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15 DIY Gazebo Ideas to Bring an Outdoor Oasis to Your Backyard

Gazebos may have a nostalgic appeal, but these time-honored outdoor hideaways are making a comeback in backyards all across the U.S. Today’s gazebos can compliment any décor style, ranging from traditional to shabby chic to modern to farmhouse. No matter your aesthetic, a gazebo adds interest and beauty to your landscape and offers a cozy, welcoming place to entertain guests. Or, you can simply take a quiet moment there to yourself, all while enjoying the great outdoors. A gazebo can be used for a variety of purposes, including hosting gatherings, dinner parties, or even weddings; providing shelter for a hot tub or grill (hello, grillzebo!); or as an intimate space for reading or reflection.

If you’re the handy type, you can build your own gazebo from scratch using just a few simple materials. There are a number of DIY gazebo plans available for free online to help you get started on this exciting outdoor project. Whether you’re interested in building your own gazebo or giving the one you already have a much-needed makeover, this round-up of DIY gazebo ideas has got you covered! Simply follow these helpful tutorials to create a beautiful, versatile haven that will keep you coming back outside time after time, season after season.