45 Celebrity Bangs You'll Want to Save For Hair Inspiration ASAP

  • There are countless celebrities with bangs, and new members are joining the club every month.

  • From Megan Thee Stallion to Zendaya, it's a popular hairstyle among stars.

  • You'll find endless inspiration in this roundup of best celebrity bangs.

Every time you open Instagram, you're likely to see that another celebrity has opted to get bangs. The 2021 red carpet has turned into an endless inspiration board for curtain, micro, and blunt varieties. With everyone from Megan Fox to Selena Gomez pulling off the style, you might finally be convinced to take the plunge yourself.

The great thing about bangs is how versatile they are. There are countless different types: arched, braided, blunt, curly, and cropped, just to name a few. They work with all hair types and are an easy way to change up your look without drastically changing your entire hairstyle. Into a long layered cut right now? Add some wispy bangs. Thinking about a bob haircut? Opt for a blunt, forehead-grazing fringe. You can even try a fake bangs hack to test out the look before making the official chop, but after you see just how good these celebrities look with bangs, you won't have any hesitations. There's truly a style to fit every beauty vibe and haircut.

Ahead, check out the best celebrity bangs in Hollywood and get ready to give your hairstylist a call.

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