Expect to Receive *Tons* of Compliments on These Stunning Bridesmaids Dresses

It doesn't matter if you're currently planning your own nuptials, supporting your inner circle as part of their wedding party, or simply watching 27 Dresses on repeat; it's safe to say that finding a bridesmaids dress is no easy feat. Not only is it really, really tricky to find a style that suits everyone, but we also need to state the obvious: bridesmaids dresses don't have the chicest reputation. Instead, so many people spend a pretty penny on a dress they don't really love and will only wear once. (Translation? Your hard-earned money is just collecting dust in the very back of your closet.)

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way. Nordstrom has on-point clothes and accessories year-round, so it's not too shocking that it has an impressive selection of bridesmaids dresses you'll actually want to wear again. Go ahead, browse these top 17 styles and forward your faves to the rest of the wedding party. (Or the bride-to-be, if you're doubling down on your Maid of Honor status.)

Need to accessories? No worries, Nordstrom has great shoes, jewelry and purses to match.

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