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14 Germy Things at Home You're Definitely Forgetting to Clean

With coronavirus (COVID-19) on everyone's mind, we're all much more conscious and diligent about killing germs on the things we touch daily, like computers, phones, counters, doorknobs and faucet levers. But there are other household items that you use regularly and other places you touch frequently where germs can lurk and that you may not think to clean. Some need just washing, others can be sanitized or disinfected, but all could benefit from a little more attention at this crucial time.

We're not saying that coronavirus can live on all your household surfaces or that it can be transmitted this way, but in an effort to keep your family healthy overall, it's smart to ramp up your cleaning routine now, especially when family members are spending more time at home. Here are some tips and common household items that the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab recommends you include in your cleaning routine.