Under-$25 Valentine's Day Gifts That *Aren't* A Cheap Teddy Bear And Chocolates

Carolyn Twersky, Kelsey Stiegman
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Photo credit: Retailers
Photo credit: Retailers

From Seventeen

I'll let you in on a little Valentine's Day secret: you can go the cheap route without gifting the played-out chocolates and a dollar store teddy bear that have haunted this holiday for decades.

As this list will shortly prove, it's possible to get your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/booty call a thoughtful, romantic present they'll *actually* love without dropping more than $25. The price tag my be low, but I guarantee these gift ideas will make a major impact.

Love Map

You've been dying to up his decor game. Do it with a personalized print-out of the first place you met, your first date, etc. He'll treasure this forever.

Couple's Candle

Never underestimate the power of a good candle.

Date Night Memory Book

Make memories and keep them forever with a DIY scrapbook that will hold ticket stubs from your favorite concerts, movies, and Broadway plays. (Bonus points if you gift the book with a set of new tickets in it.)

A Steamy Novel

Yep, this is the book that inspired your latest Netflix obsession. It's got all the drama of the hit show, with even more sexy scenes. Need I say more?

Sporty Micro Bag

Some important news: there's a lot of items on the Lululemon website that cost less than $25. Do with that information what you will.

Monogram Jewelry Box

This customized jewelry box is so sweet (even more so if it comes with a necklace inside).

Anti-Fog Glasses Spray

Face mask fog prevention might not seem like a hot gift, but trust me, your beloved glasses-wearer will kiss you when they open this. (And, yes, it really goes work.)

Anniversary Keychain

No matter how long you've been dating, this tiny momentum is the perfect blend of sweet and low-key.

Pic Pillow

Picture frame: tired. Picture pillow: wired.

Date Night Scratch-Off

If you've spent the past two weeks trying to decide what to do for Valentine's, but still have zero ideas, pick this two-in-one poster that's both a sweet present and is packed with out-of-the-box date ideas.

Pretty Lil Studs

Here's the thing: you don't have to buy diamonds to nail the whole Valentine's Day jewelry thing. These dainty blooms will do just the same.

Candy Set

There's a reason candy and roses are considered obligatory V Day gifts: they're universally popular. This candy set is equally so, but feels a bit more creative.

Puff Slippers

There's something about a soft pair of slippers that just screams "cozy day in bed." I can think of nothing more romantic.

Kissable Lip Masks

Prep bae's pout for a long night of PDA with ultra hydrating lip jellies.

Personalized Keychain

Even the person who says "don't get me anything" will appreciate this super lowkey (but still really thoughtful and romantic) Valentine's present.

Goes-With-Everything Seasoning

They're the bagel to your cream cheese, so gift your S/O this tasty seasoning that will make every meal magical. Trust, food is the most romantic thing you can give someone.

A Stylish Accessory

A trendy credit card-holder will up ya boy's swag in two seconds flat.

DIY Face Mask Kit

This hands-on kit offers a do-it-yourself skin treatment y'all can enjoy together.

Mega-Fan Board Game

This Potterhead pick is a gift and a fun date all in one.

Luxurious Sleep Mask

Give the gift of a good night's sleep (we all need it).

Zodiac Necklace

Gift your favorite Leo (or Cancer, or Capricorn, or Gemini) a little bit of glitz for the holiday.

Portable Charging Bank

There's no phrase more romantic than "your phone is fully charged."

Gorgeous Phone Case

This phone case is basically a work of art, so if it also keeps my phone from cracking, I would shell out big bucks for it. Luckily it's only $20!

Pop Culture Puzzle

Cute puzzle: $20. An hour of partner bonding time: priceless.

A Llamicorn

I wouldn't necessarily recommend a stuffed animal for V Day, but I have to admit, this one's pretty cute.

Messages In A Bottle

Conceal a heartfelt, handwritten love note inside each one of these bright little capsules, to be opened during times of distance.

Hilariously Sweet Card

Yup, you've got yourself one hell of a stud muffin.

Custom Sweets

I said no played out chocolates. I didn't say anything about melt-in-your-mouth M&Ms covered in personalized messages and photos.

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