The 14 best reality shows to watch on Max in June 2024

Relax from the woes of the world with our favorite reality shows streaming on Max right now.

<p>Courtesy of HBO; TLC; Courtesy of HBO Max</p>

Courtesy of HBO; TLC; Courtesy of HBO Max

Often regarded as a guilty pleasure, reality shows are the perfect antidote to everyday stress. After all, what better way to escape your problems than gorging someone else's? However, reality TV isn't just about the (often-contrived) drama; it spans a spectrum of moods and matters that cater to all tastes. With Max having merged with Discovery+, the streaming platform houses a wide selection from all corners of the genre’s landscape.

Whether you're in the mood for love with 90 Day Fiancé or want a good (and thought-provoking) laugh with Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show, you’re bound to enjoy a title in Entertainment Weekly’s list of the best reality shows on Max right now.

Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show (2024)

<p>HBO</p> Jerrod Carmichael on 'Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show'


Jerrod Carmichael on 'Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show'

Since coming out as gay in his stand-up special Rothaniel, comedian Jerrod Carmichael has committed to maintaining blunt transparency on screen. In Max's eight-episode reality series, the thirtysomething comedian aims to "self Truman Show" by presenting a candid and multifaceted self-portrait, with the cameras holding him accountable as he navigates the dating scene and everyday relationships. Featuring unfiltered stand-up from Carmichael and guest appearances from Tyler, the Creator and a ski-masked Bo Burnham, Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show faithfully puts the "real" in reality, with EW's critic describing it as "part performance art, part cognitive behavioral therapy." —J.M.

Where to watch Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show: Max

EW grade: A– (read the review)

Director: Ari Katcher

Cast: Jerrod Carmichael, Tyler, the Creator, Bo Burnham

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We’re Here (2020–present)

<p>Greg Endries/HBO</p>

Greg Endries/HBO

The queens are coming! Strutting through small-town America, a few RuPaul's Drag Race alumni recruit three locals to give them a glamorous makeover and prepare them to perform at a one-night-only drag show. These queens not only transform their mentees into full-blown drag divas but also provide them with a safe space to embrace their most authentic selves. Winning four Primetime Emmy Awards, We're Here is as heartfelt as it is entertaining, bridging the gap between queer people and their tight-knit communities. —M.H.

Where to watch We're Here: Max

Cast: Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka, Shangela, Jaida Essence Hall, Priyanka, Sasha Velour, Latrice Royale

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Conan O'Brien Must Go (2024–present)

<p>Courtesy of Conaco/Max</p>

Courtesy of Conaco/Max

Bringing his classic "remote" sketches to streaming, Emmy-winning host Conan O’Brien stars in this Max Original travelogue in which he visits fans he met virtually via his podcast, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend. Making stops in Thailand, Ireland, Argentina, and Norway, O'Brien takes up an unconventional meet-and-greet tour, hilariously fumbling through cultural activities and mingling with locals (all while sparring with producer Jordan Schlansky). Although there are only four episodes to currently binge, the show's irresistible charm has secured a six-episode second season. —J.M.

Where to watch Conan O'Brien Must Go: Max

Cast: Conan O'Brien, Jordan Schlansky

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Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (2013–2018)

Isaac Brekken/WireImage
Isaac Brekken/WireImage

On the seven-time Emmy-winning reality series, Anthony Bourdain and his crew ventured to destinations seldom showcased on American TV, from Beirut to Lebanon, Bahia to Brazil, and onward. Enriched by his iconic self-written narrations, the late author/celebrity chef encapsulated the nuances of cultures worldwide by immersing himself in local communities, sampling their cuisine, and listening to their stories. Despite its tragic conclusion in the 12th season, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown remains a groundbreaking series, spotlighting the universality of food and eternalizing Bourdain's candid, magnetic aura. —J.M.

Where to watch Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown: Max

Cast: Anthony Bourdain

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90 Day Fiancé (2014–present)

Aaron Feldman/TLC
Aaron Feldman/TLC

TLC stumbled upon a windfall with 90 Day Fiancé, the reality TV sensation that's kept audiences hooked since 2014. Hosted by Shaun Robinson, each season follows a group of U.S. citizens meeting their long-distance fiancé(e)s who enter the country on a K-1 visa. However, they're up against the clock with around three brief months to determine if marriage is in the cards — or if it's a one-way ticket back home for the fiancé(e). While fans tune in for the inevitable relationship chaos, they end up staying for the real drama: cultural frictions, disapproving family members, immigration challenges, the list goes on. —James Mercadante

Where to watch 90 Day Fiancé: Max

Cast: Shaun Robinson

Trixie Motel (2022–present)


Co-produced by Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, this Discovery+ reality series follows RuPaul's Drag Race winner Trixie Mattel and her partner, David Silver, as they invest $2 million to purchase and revamp a rundown mini-resort in Palm Springs. With assistance from project manager David Rios, interior designer Dani Dazey, and countless celebrity helpers — including Lisa Vanderpump, Iggy Azalea, Katya, and more — Mattel infuses her dry, unapologetic humor into every episode and her signature feminine flair into every room, fashioning the ultimate retro-chic queer getaway. And be sure to catch season 2, Drag Me Home, where the couple transforms their century-old craftsman estate into their personal (and pink, obvi!) sanctuary. —J.M.

Where to watch Trixie Motel: Max

Cast: Trixie Mattel, David Silver, David Rios, Dani Dazey, Brandon Lim

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Sweet Life: Los Angeles (2021–2022)

Jessica Perez/HBO Max
Jessica Perez/HBO Max

Created by Issa Rae, Sweet Life: Los Angeles invites viewers into the journeys of seven passionate Black creatives who navigate reality, love, and entrepreneurship in South L.A. Across two seasons, this Real Housewives–esque Max Original series channels the essence of past classic reality shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills, yet distinguishes itself as uniquely authentic, showcasing a group of twentysomethings pursuing their dreams without the cushion of a trust fund. —M.H.

Where to watch Sweet Life: Los Angeles: Max

Cast: Amanda Scott, Briana Jones, Cheryl Des Vignes, Jerrold Smith II, Jordan Bentley, P'Jae Compton, Tylynn Burns

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Impractical Jokers (2011–present)


Since 2011, childhood pals Joe Gatto, Brian "Q" Quinn, Sal Vulcano, and James "Murr" Murray have reshaped their knack for humiliating each other into a family-friendly hidden-camera series on TBS (previously on TruTV). Operating by the rule, "If you refuse, you lose," the foursome — a.k.a. the Tenderloins — competes in a variety of public challenges where each takes turns wearing an earpiece as the others use a mic to spew out instructions, and the Joker who receives the most thumbs-down votes has to face an excruciatingly embarrassing dare. Spanning 10-plus seasons, Impractical Jokers delivers priceless laughs with the Tenderloins' can-do attitudes and quick-witted improv skills, putting their lifelong camaraderie on full display. —J.M.

Where to watch Impractical Jokers: Max

Cast: Brian "Q" Quinn, James "Murr" Murray, Sal Vulcano, Joe Gatto

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Selena + Chef (2020–present)


When Selena Gomez isn't cracking cases alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short on Only Murders in the Building, or making music in the recording studio, she's learning new tricks in the kitchen. What began as a lockdown-inspired passion project to address her own culinary shortcomings has evolved into an Emmy-nominated series that follows the pop star as she connects with legendary chefs, tries new recipes, and shares invaluable tips for managing kitchen catastrophes. With each episode contributing $10,000 to a food-related charity of the guest's choice, Selena + Chef is an informative and cozy binge that glows with Gomez's infectiously positive energy. —J.M.

Where to watch Selena + Chef: Max

Cast: Selena Gomez

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Naked and Afraid (2013–present)

Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel

It's one thing for someone to willingly endure three weeks in the wilderness, sans clothing and with only one essential item, all while being filmed for the world to see. It's a whole other endeavor to do it all for free. Spanning 17 seasons and counting, each episode of Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid tracks a pair of strangers venturing into high-pressure outdoor settings — au naturel, of course — relying solely on their survival instincts to receive nothing but some brownie points. The premise alone is enough to pique interest, but trust us, the actual content is every bit as wild as you'd imagine. —J.M.

Where to watch Naked and Afraid: Max

Cast: Michael Brown

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Wipeout (2021–present)

<p>TYLER GOLDEN/ Max</p>


Are you looking to watch contestants hurl themselves at seemingly unbeatable obstacle courses while you are safe and sound in the comfort of your home? If the answer is yes, Wipeout — hosted by John Cena, Nicole Byer, and Camille Kostek — is the show for you. Bouncing on mega-sized red balls and being shot out of a water cannon, Wipeout takes contestants through an extreme obstacle course to win a grand cash prize of $25,000. Think American Ninja Warrior but 10 times more absurd and splendid. —M.H.

Where to watch Wipeout: Max

Cast: John Cena, Nicole Byer, Camille Kostek

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Naked Attraction (2016–present)



Channel 4's reality game show kicks off right where some successful dates end: in the buff. Hosted by the quirky and sex-positive Anna Richardson, Naked Attraction dedicates each episode to one clothed individual who is presented with a lineup of six unclad potential partners. Hiding behind differently-colored booths, these contestants are to be judged first by their lower bodies, followed by their torsos, faces, and voices. While the show stirred some controversy in the U.S. due to its unabashed display of full-frontal nudity, it doesn't involve any sexual activity. Additionally, Naked Attraction includes brief segments dedicated to the science behind human desire, demystifying the nude body to appear ordinary and empowering contestants to embrace their figures and sexuality. (Plus, it introduces American viewers to dirty British slang!) —J.M.

Where to watch Naked Attraction: Max

Cast: Anna Richardson

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Say Yes to the Dress (2007–present)



TLC's long-running reality series shows us that bridal consultations involve more than just trying on racks of white gowns — they also leave room for interpersonal conflicts to crash the party. Set in Brooklyn's top-end Kleinfeld Bridal salon, Say Yes to the Dress follows a 250-plus team of experts who spare no expense in bringing many brides' wedding dreams to life while adhering to budget constraints and unique preferences. However, as they search for the perfect dress, the fiancées must navigate disruptors like hypercritical loved ones or their own self-image struggles. —J.M.

Where to watch Say Yes to the Dress: Max

Cast: Mara Urshel, Ronald Rothstein, Randy Fenoli, Dorothy Silver, Nicole Sacco, Nitsa Glezelis, Joan Roberts

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Fast Foodies (2021–2022)



Having shown their cooking prowess on Top Chef and Iron Chef, Kristen Kish, Jeremy Ford, and Justin Sutherland take up the task of recreating some fast food classics. In each episode of this TruTV reality series, celebrities like Joel McHale and Jesse Tyler Ferguson share their favorite takeout dish for the chefs to remake and remix. Unlike most cooking shows, Fast Foodies revolves around the joy of culinary art while still providing viewers with some fun competition, with the winner earning the coveted Chompionship Trophy. —Mia Hairston

Where to watch Fast Foodies: Max

Cast: Andrew Morgado, Jeremy Ford, Kristen Kish, Justin Sutherland

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