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14 Beautiful Blue Color Palettes to Try at Home

Blue is everyone's favorite color for a reason—and if you're thinking umm, no, it's not mine, it's still hard to deny its timeless beauty, especially when it comes to interior design. Evocative of the open sky and calming sea and the source of some of the greatest literary and visual art works in history (Yves Kleins' signature shade and Maggie Nelson's Bluets, we're looking at you), blue is one of those pigments that instantly calms the senses and fills any space with beauty. Not to mention, it goes with just about every other color and design trend, from stark minimalist environments to warm and vibrant backdrops. So whether it's the main act or a supporting character in your home, we rounded up fourteen rooms with colors that go with blue to pave the way. Keep reading for plenty of inspiration and blue color palettes to experiment with.