Up to 130,000 Indian farmers protest farm laws

Up to 130,000 protesting farmers and farm workers gathered in India's Punjab state on Sunday, according to police estimates.

It's the latest show of strength against the new farm laws that has seen protests across the country for months.

It was one of the largest of the demonstrations to date.

Tens of thousands of Indian growers have already been camped outside Delhi. Opponents of the law say it hurts farmers at the benefit of large corporations.

This farmer at the protest says he wants the laws repealed and that "people should be able to afford food."

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government, which introduced the laws last September, has offered to defer the laws but refused to abandon them

He argues that legislation will help farmers get better prices.

Both sides have met for several rounds of negotiations but failed to make any headway

Farmers' unions have vowed to carry on the protests until the laws are rolled back.

At Sunday's rally at a grain market in Barnala, a town in Punjab, union leaders outlined plans to mobilize farmers from across the state and move to a protest site outside Delhi later this month.