13 Times Taylor Swift Contributed Songs to Movie and TV Soundtracks

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Taylor Swift’s pop cultural territory expands with every move she makes, whether it’s re-recording her old albums to have complete ownership over them, appearing in films, directing shorts or occasionally writing songs for stories on a whim, like she did most recently with “Carolina” for “Where the Crawdads Sing” (now playing in theaters).

The eerie ballad is the latest in a long line of songs that Swift has drummed up to accompany certain productions, some of which she has appeared in and others where the music was her main contribution.

In honor of “Carolina,” which the singer announced in her signature secretive style of dropping hints in an Instagram feed, TheWrap has rounded up all of Swift’s other songs written for or released with movies or television shows. We’ve also made a Spotify playlist to experience this set of songs.

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This slower ballad captures the romance between Miley Cyrus and Travis Brody (Lucas Till). Swift performs it onstage in the film as Till and Cyrus slow dance on a date in “Hannah Montana: The Movie” (2009).

“Today Was a Fairytale”

This banger appeared on the soundtrack for “Valentine’s Day” (2010) in which Swift starred alongside then boyfriend Taylor Lautner as a high school couple Felicia and Willy.

“Jump Then Fall”

Swift wrote “Jump Then Fall” for her “Fearless” album, and it was also used on the “Valentine’s Day” (2010) soundtrack.

“Safe and Sound”

For the first “Hunger Games” film (2012), Swift recorded “Safe and Sound” with The Civil Wars. The young adult trilogy thrust Jennifer Lawrence into superstardom.

“Eyes Open”

“The Hunger Games” (2012) didn’t just get one Taylor Swift song but two! “Eyes Open” is a more hopeful song than “Safe and Sound.”

“Sweeter Than Fiction”

Swift wrote “Sweeter Than Fiction” for the “One Chance” movie starring James Corden. “One Chance” (2013) is based on the true story of Paul Potts, who went from shy, bullied shop assistant to winner of Britain’s Got Talent for his opera singing.

“I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”

Swift paired up with former One Direction member Zayn Malik, who was then dating one of her close celebrity friends Gigi Hadid, to write this song for “Fifty Shades Darker” (2017), the second film in the trilogy based on E.L. James’ books. Here’s the full music video.

“Beautiful Ghosts”

Co-written with Andrew Lloyd Weber, “Beautiful Ghosts” came about for “Cats” (2019), in which Swift appeared as Bombalurina.


Swift sings “Macavity” about the main villain of “Cats” (2019). This is one of her highlights in the film as Bombalurina, who doesn’t have much dialogue.

“Only the Young”

Right before COVID struck, Swift gifted fans her “Miss Americana” documentary, directed by Lana Wilson. The film captures some of Swift’s darkest moments after the release of her “Reputation” album as well as her rise and recovery from mental health issues, problems with body image and overall her sense of self. The transition from the phase of gloom and snakes to bright colors and butterflies signals the start of her recording the “Lover” album, and she also throws in the single “Only the Young” to go along with her stance on politics.

“Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)”

“Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)” snuck out into the world through the new show “Spirit Untamed.” This is the first re-recorded song from Swift’s “1989” album.

“This Love (Taylor’s Version)”

The second re-recorded single from “1989” was released as part of the soundtrack for Jenny Han’s highly anticipated television adaption of her “The Summer I Turned Pretty” series.


Swift wrote “Carolina” after reading “Where the Crawdads Sing” (2022) after reading the book and being moved by it. She became extra motivated when she heard Reese Witherspoon was adapting the book into a film. For super-Swifties, this is the 13th song she has sung on a soundtrack.

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