13 Shows Like “The Crown” to Watch After You've Binge-Watched Season 6

From The Gilded Age to The Tudors, here is a list of shows like The Crown

<p>Keith Bernstein/Netflix</p> Elizabeth Debicki, Will Powell, Senan West, Dominic West in

Keith Bernstein/Netflix

Elizabeth Debicki, Will Powell, Senan West, Dominic West in 'The Crown' season 6

The Crown has captivated audiences since season 1 premiered in 2016.

The Netflix original series follows the British royal family beginning in 1947, with each season covering a memorable period in history and the star-studded cast changing every two seasons to reflect the passage of time.

With storylines inspired by real events — including Queen Elizabeth's ascension to the throne and the beginnings of Princess Diana's relationship with then-Prince CharlesThe Crown delves behind the scenes of historical moments that continue to be spoken about to this day.

As the award-winning show nears its end with the premiere of season 6, which will give a fictionalized overview of the aftermath of Diana's divorce from Charles and the media coverage that ensued, there are only a handful of episodes left. Still, The Crown's impending finale doesn't mean there aren't similar shows to tune into.

From Italian royalty to aristocratic family dynamics, here are 13 titles to watch next (and where to stream them) if you're looking for shows like The Crown.

Downton Abbey

<p>Focus Features/Moviestore/Shutterstock</p> Kate Phillips, Simon Jones and Geraldine James in 'Downton Abbey'

Focus Features/Moviestore/Shutterstock

Kate Phillips, Simon Jones and Geraldine James in 'Downton Abbey'

Though The Crown mainly focuses on the British royal family and their inner workings, Downton Abbey explores the relationship between the wealthy Crawley family and their domestic servants in the early 20th century, beginning with the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. The acclaimed series includes a strong ensemble cast, and between six seasons, several holiday specials and two films, there’s plenty to dive into.

Watch Downton Abbey on Peacock

The Gilded Age

<p>Alison Cohen Rosa/HBO</p> Cynthia Nixon and Christine Baranski in 'The Gilded Age'

Alison Cohen Rosa/HBO

Cynthia Nixon and Christine Baranski in 'The Gilded Age'

Across the pond from The Crown is The Gilded Age, set in late 18th-century New York City. The series — written and created by Downton Abby's Julian Fellowes — focuses on the differences and dynamics between old and new money. Christine Baranski and Cynthia Nixon are among the main cast as sisters in the established van Rhijn-Brook family who do not want to associate with their new neighbors, the Russell family.

Watch The Gilded Age on Max


<p>LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX</p> Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte in 'Bridgerton'.


Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte in 'Bridgerton'.

Created by Shonda Rhimes, Bridgerton is set in London during the Regency era, when the young men and ladies of high society are on the hunt for marriage amid the competitive social season. The ups and downs of romance and heartbreak play out on-screen as they do in The Crown, and each season focuses on a different sibling in the Bridgerton family.

Once you’ve made your way through Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is another worthy addition to your must-watch list, and you can also pick up Julia Quinn's book series that Bridgerton is based on.

Watch Bridgerton on Netflix

The Tudors

<p>Showtime/Kobal/Shutterstock</p> Max Brown, Henry Cavill and Alan Van Sprang in 'The Tudors'


Max Brown, Henry Cavill and Alan Van Sprang in 'The Tudors'

The Tudors gives a closer look at the Tudor dynasty, starting with King Henry VIII. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays Henry, who becomes involved in several affairs during his marriage to Queen Catherine of Aragon, portrayed by Outlander's Maria Doyle Kennedy. The stacked cast also includes Henry Cavill and Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer, who bring to life family conflict, political turmoil and romance.

Watch The Tudors on Prime Video

The Borgias

<p>Jonathan Hession/Showtime/Kobal/Shutterstock </p> Holly Grainger and Francois Arnaud in 'The Borgais'

Jonathan Hession/Showtime/Kobal/Shutterstock

Holly Grainger and Francois Arnaud in 'The Borgais'

Set in Renaissance-era Italy, The Borgias is based on the real-life Borgia family and their rise to power in the Catholic church. Like The Crown, it tells the story of a family with immense influence, along with the highs and lows that come with it. Jeremy Irons stars as the patriarch of the Borgia family as they fight to gain and maintain influence while staving off rivals.

Once you've watched the three seasons available, you can check out the screenplay of the series finale, The Borgia Apocalypse, that was released when Showtime canceled the historical drama without its planned conclusion.

Watch The Borgias on Paramount +


<p>The CW</p> Adelaide Kane in 'Reign'

The CW

Adelaide Kane in 'Reign'

Reign offers a fictionalized look at the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, over four seasons that originally aired on the CW. Though it takes some liberties with history, the show provides a solid dose of dramatics and fashion. Set in the late 16th century, Adelaide Kane stars as Mary, who has her Scottish handmaidens by her side as she rises to power in the French court — but little does she know that she won't easily be accepted in her new home.

Watch Reign on Prime Video

House of the Dragon

<p>Ollie Upton / HBO</p> Matt Smith and Emma D'Arcy in 'House of Dragon'

Ollie Upton / HBO

Matt Smith and Emma D'Arcy in 'House of Dragon'

House of the Dragon features The Crown cast member Matt Smith in a darker role. The Game of Thrones prequel is set 200 years before the hit HBO series and portrays the events leading to the decline of the House of Targaryen. In addition to Smith, the ensemble cast includes Emma D’Arcy, Olivia Cooke and Paddy Considine.

Watch House of the Dragon on Max

Vanity Fair

<p>ITV/Shutterstock</p> Olivia Cooke in 'Vanity Fair'


Olivia Cooke in 'Vanity Fair'

Before Olivia Cooke was the queen consort of King Viserys I Targaryen on House of the Dragon, she starred in Vanity Fair. The 2018 show is based on the 1848 novel of the same name and follows Becky Sharp (Cooke), a clever social climber with a knack for charming men. Set in the Regency era, it’s easy to breeze through this seven-episode miniseries.

Watch Vanity Fair on Prime Video

The Last Czars

<p>Netflix</p> The Last Czars


The Last Czars

The Last Czars is a six-part docudrama that follows the reign of Nicholas II from his accession to the throne to his family’s execution by the Bolsheviks in 1918. The Crown gave a brief flashback to the Romanov family in season 5, which inspired Prince Philip to look further into his ancestry.

In real life, the late royal was a blood relative on his mother and father’s side to the Romanovs and gave a DNA sample to confirm the found remains were that of the family.

Watch The Last Czars on Netflix

The Great

<p>Ollie Upton/Hulu</p> Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult in 'The Great'

Ollie Upton/Hulu

Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult in 'The Great'

The Great, starring Elle Fanning as Queen Catherine II of Russia, is a satirical take on history. While The Crown covers the longest reign of any British monarch, this Hulu original offers a fictionalized spin on the longest-reigning Russian female ruler as she plots to overthrow her husband, Peter III (Nicholas Hoult). Though it’s loose regarding historical accuracy, the Emmy-nominated series is a lighter watch than other dramas.

Watch The Great on Hulu

Catherine the Great

<p>Photo 12 / Alamy</p> Helen Mirren in 'Catherine the Great'.

Photo 12 / Alamy

Helen Mirren in 'Catherine the Great'.

For a more straightforward take on the legacy of Catherine the Great, turn to the miniseries with the same name as the Russian ruler, starring Helen Mirren. As viewers see in The Crown with Queen Elizabeth II, Catherine experienced her share of hurdles during her time as ruler. Fans of Stranger Things will recognize Joseph Quinn, who portrays Catherine’s son Paul.

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Hulu Harlots
Hulu Harlots

Based on the book The Covent Garden Ladies by Hallie Rubenhold, Harlots is set nearly 300 years before The Crown in 1760s London and centers on two brothels run by competing madams. On one side is Lydia Quigley (Lesley Manville), who caters to the posh and elite members of society, and on the other is her former worker Margaret Wells (Samantha Morton), who is determined to run her own enterprise.

Watch Harlots on Hulu


<p>ITV/Shutterstock</p> Jenna Coleman in 'Victoria'.


Jenna Coleman in 'Victoria'.

Get to know Queen Elizabeth's great-great-grandmother in this PBS Masterpiece series. Like the late monarch, Queen Victoria took the throne at a young age and had to adapt to her life as a leader. Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman portrays Victoria, who also must learn to juggle her role as a wife to Prince Albert (Tom Hughes) and a mother.

Watch Victoria on Prime Video

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