13 Horror Movies to Stream on Netflix for Friday the 13th (Photos)

Reid Nakamura

Friday the 13th is a big day for horror, big enough that there’s a longrunning slasher movie franchise called “Friday the 13th.” So to help you celebrate the right way — by watching a horror movie, we’ve selected 13 scary flicks that are readily available for streaming.

“Friday the 13th” (1980)
This film introduced us to Jason Voorhees, the hockey mask-wearing mass murderer who has since become a horror icon.

“Creep” (2014)
Patrick Brice’s found-footage horror film follows a man who begins to suspect he’s in danger after he responds a cryptic Craigslist job listing.

“The Invitation” (2015)
Karyn Kusama’s “The Invitation” is a remarkable character study where the real horror comes from the socially awkward dynamics between old friends. It has a few remarkable twists as you decipher whether something is really wrong or if you’re just being paranoid.

“XX” (2017)
This collection of four short horror films features all-female directors, Karyn Kusama (“The Invitation”), Roxane Benjamin (producer on “V/H/S”), Jovanka Vuckovic and indie rock guitarist St. Vincent making her directorial debut.

“Bird Box” (2018)
How do you battle an evil that you cannot even look at? Sandra Bullock and her family must navigate the world blindfolded in this Netflix original.

“Gerald’s Game” (2017)
When her husband’s sex game goes wrong, Carla Gugino’s Jessie faces frightening visions and dark secrets all while handcuffed to the bed.

“Insidious” (2010)
Haunted house? Check. Creep child? Check. This is the film that kicked off the frightening franchise.

“The Green Inferno” (2013)
Horror master Eli Roth features a group of students who are determined to save a cannibalistic Amazon tribe being squeezed by loggers. Turns out they need the saving themselves.

“The Ritual” (2018)
Four friends embark on a hiking trip where things end very badly.

“The Forest” (2016)
“Game of Thrones” star Natalie Dormer plays a young woman searching for her twin sister who disappeared in Japan’s infamous Suicide Forest.

“Sinister 2” (2015)
A single mother and her two sons move into a rural house with blood splattered all over the walls. What could be scary about that?

“The Bye Bye Man” (2017)
When you meet the titular character, be prepared to say “bye bye!”

“Hush” (2016)
A young woman must fight for her life when a masked killer appears in her window. The twist? She’s is deaf and mute.

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