21 Halloween party ideas you can DIY yourself

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Photo credit: Carol Yepes - Getty Images
Photo credit: Carol Yepes - Getty Images

After missing out on our favourite spooky holiday last year, Halloween is back! And while you may have got a bit settled into staying at home that doesn't mean you can't have a spooky ol' time at home.

So, when it comes to Halloween party ideas, whether you're throwing a rager, inviting a few people round for a couple of vampire's kiss martinis or staying in with your housemates, who says you can't get Halloween-y and a little crafty.

Grab a hilarious Halloween costume, get a spooky makeup tutorial in the bag and pick out some themed nail art for the big day. And then, as well as decorations and Halloween food and drink, decorate the house with Halloween party ideas that you can DIY yourself. No one else even has to see them! Do it for yourself!

Admittedly, some of them are easier than others. The spider ice cubes involve minimal effort. The bin bag cobwebs, however? Yeah, you might need a bit of arty prowess (or at least a Google image template) to recreate those. Go forth and use your creative juices (ew) to recreate these excellent Halloween party ideas!

Halloween party ideas - Cereal box gravestones

Using just masking tape, paints and some clever folding techniques you can make your own fake gravestones with cereal boxes.

Halloween party ideas - DIY chains to rattle

You can use pipe insulating foam to create super light, super easy to make chains. You don't even have to paint them!

Halloween party ideas - Bring some horror to your houseplants

Stick some fake human hands in your houseplants for that extra mile spooky touch.

Halloween party ideas - Actual floating ghosts

Halloween party ideas - Make bleeding candles

These are kind of chic, aren't they?! Drip red candle wax over white classic candles to make a real centrepiece at any dinner party.

Halloween party ideas - Make spider ice cubes

Get involved with the spooky theme with minimal effort by chucking some plastic spiders into ice cube trays and putting it into punch. Great while frozen, even greater when melted.

Halloween party ideas - Turn lanterns into witches

Buy some ready made lanterns in Halloween-y colours and then perch witches hats on top, to create a polished ceiling decoration.

Halloween party ideas - Turn balloons into spider's webs

Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted to do was paper mache over balloons? This is kind of similar, only involves using string, waiting for it to go solid, and popping the balloon inside to create a sort of spider's web.

Halloween party ideas - Create floating witches' hats

This one couldn't be simpler. You could even turn it into a drinking game: do a shot every time a witches' hat falls on you.

Halloween party ideas - Turn your toilet roll into flying bats

A quick lick of paint can turn your loo tubes into the perfect hanging decorations.

Halloween party ideas - Make some witch's cats fairy lights

The purrfect addition to your halloween decor. Sorry about the pun...

Halloween party ideas - Drink bloody shots from syringes

SO GROSS yet amazing. You can get boozy syringes here.

Halloween party ideas - Make some halloween bunting

All you need is string, paper and prit-stick! Easy peasy.

Halloween party ideas - Craft some spooky halloween lanterns

Get your PVA glue out, folks.

Halloween party ideas - Bake some scary cake pops

Your guests will have all eyes (geddit?) on these tasty but terrifying treats.

Halloween party ideas - Create some spooky paper bats

Cover your walls in them, hide them in your housemate's bed - the possibilities are endless.

Halloween party ideas - Create cobwebs out of bin liners

The ultimate easy DIY.

Halloween party ideas - Try a stylish monochrome colour scheme

Fake bloody splatters not your bag? Make your H'ween a chic one.

Halloween party ideas - Make the hedges outside your house super scary

Glow sticks in tubes are the perfect way to greet people into your party.

Halloween party ideas - pumpkin luminaries

Grab a drill and get creative with these pumpkin lights, which are simple but so effective.

Halloween party ideas - spider mural

Hate spiders? This handmade mural of spiders crawling into a hole is perfect for the occasion.

Consider Halloween, sorted.

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