12 nail art ideas for a flawless holiday manicure

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summer nails
summer nails

Summer nail art is all about having fun! This summer, we’re craving a little bit of everything, from basic sheer colour to over-the-top nails. Whichever you prefer, there’s a nail design for you. We’ve compiled a list of the season’s most coveted nail trends for your summer vacation.

Summer nail art ideas to try right now

Colourful swirls

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Here’s a swirly colourful mani that’s eye-catching and easy to achieve. Just use the nail tool to create swirls and colourful french manicures.

Fun and Fruity

It sure feels like summer with these fruity nails!

French with a twist

Here’s a cult classic with a flair. Instead of a classic French manicure, extend the design downwards into your nail beds with multiple colours.

Candy floss with a hint of metallic

If you’re not a big fan of the classic white French, switch it out for summery pastels with doubled tips and metallics.

Dotted Accents

How simple and chic! This design can be recreated at home. For this super cute mani, all you need is a nude base, three colours for your dots, a toothpick to create them, and a top coat to seal the look.

Flirty florals

What is summer without florals? If you don’t want to go too flowery, pair them with classic French and you’re good to go.

Put on a happy face

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The smiling face trend is here to stay, as we can finally show off the smiles on our maskless faces.

Lipstick nails

If you enjoy acrylics or gel extensions, this lipstick nails trend is for you. The slanted tips give them a unique shape, and the length is great for two-toned manicures such as these ombré nails.


Spruce up your nude nails with an abstract pattern and subtle neon dots.

Heart accents

There’s nothing like a pink and orange colour combination with delicate heart accents for summer.

Ombré Nails

Pairing these pink and purple ombré nails with a pink tie-dye swimsuit? We think we’ve found the perfect summer vibe! Switch up the colours as you please.

Colourful marble

What’s better than a pastel marble effect for summer?

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