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12 Toners That Fight Brassiness in Blonde Hair Between Salon Appointments

Nothing turns heads like that shiny, bright look of freshly-colored blonde hair. But nothing lasts forever and that smooth, gleaming sun-kissed shade can turn brassy and dull quicker than you'd like. But there is a solution for keeping your hair color vibrant and preventing brassiness and fading: A toner.

"Using a toner will enhance or neutralize your color," says Aura Friedman, lead color specialist at Sally Hershberger salons. Hair can get brassy when the color starts to fade, which happens for a bunch of different reasons, including sun exposure, minerals in the water, shampoos that strip color, as well as heat styling. "By neutralizing hair color, brassiness will be removed, and if you love your current shade, toner can work with your hair to keep the colors you like most and make them even more vibrant."

Toner can be applied in-salon, where a professional colorist can apply a toner tailored to your hair shade. But when you can't make it to the salon, you can try at-home products that help tone blonde hair at home.

Pro tips for using toner at home

"Toner is a science," Friedman explains. "If you apply too much, hair becomes dull and dark, if you don’t use it at all, hair can become brassy." Your DIY options include rinses, drops, glosses, purple shampoos, but Friedman prefers toning conditioners, treatments, and masks for their added moisturizing benefits. Here are her pro tips for the best results:

  • Wait two weeks post-bleach before toning hair at home, Friedman advises. If your hair is bleached in the salon, though, your colorist should use a toner immediately after for the best results.
  • Choose the right color toner for your blonde. Friedman says toners that have more of a blue tint to neutralize any unwanted orange cast and purple toners to cancel out brassy yellow tones.
  • Use the product once per week for maximum vibrancy and to extend the life of your color.
  • Pinpoint the brassiest areas of hair and apply toner only on those spots, Friedman says. Unless all of your hair is discolored, if you apply toner all over your head, the color of the brassy sections won't match with the rest of your hair.

Here, the best toners for blonde hair according to experts and shoppers, including formulas for bleached strands, brassiness, icy and medium blonde shades, and more.