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Harmless Gags For Your Co-Workers This April Fool's Day

Fans of The Office have a deep appreciation for the pranks Jim Halpert played on Dwight Schrute. There's no denying that those generally harmless (and occasionally naughty) gags injected more fun and laughter into the Dunder Mifflin crew’s workday lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Sure, most of us don’t work in office environments that support such elaborate pranks every day, but April Fool’s Day makes a great occasion to try out a few good-natured tricks on unsuspecting colleagues.

This April 1, get your coworkers good with these silly office April Fool's Day pranks. From faking your colleagues out with non-existent donuts to replacing all the office pens with crayons, these tricks are bound to make everyone laugh. Gauge the appropriateness for your own work environment (no prank is worth getting fired!) and try one of these hilarious office April Fool's pranks at work this year.