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15 Eye Serums That *Actually* Help Bags and Circles

As someone who's tried allllll of the tricks to help deflate my puffy under-eye bags (jade rollers, ice cubes, random-ass products on Amazon, the works), you can def trust me when I say eye serums are legit. I've been obsessed with them ever since a fellow beauty editor tipped me off, and I gotta say they're the real, surefire way to de-puff your eyes, soothe your skin, and even fade dark circles.

NGL, at first I was a little sus (especially since I've fallen for mad-expensive products that did absolutely nothing for my bags), but eye serums are actually made up of lightweight formulas with teeny-tiny molecules that penetrate active ingredients deep into your skin—meaning you'll be able to target specific concerns and see results faster. Whether you’re worried about dullness, wrinkles, or puffiness, there’s an eye serum that’ll help you out. Ahead, the 15 best eye serums you’ll ever try.