$12 million of jewels robbed from Paris Bulgari

Three armed robbers in sharp suits struck a Bulgari store in Paris on Tuesday (September 7), making off with jewelry worth nearly 12 million dollars.

It was on the Place Vendome, considered the heart of French luxury.

Police said they struck just before noon and were dressed up to pass as customers. They held up employees and customers with large guns.

The thieves fled in a car, which they were forced to abandon as police shot at them. Two were arrested, one after being shot in the leg.

Jewelry stores in Paris have suffered a spate of armed robberies in recent months.

But police said the scale and risk of the heist was unusual:

"Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened on the Place Vendome. As for using large guns and getting away in such a risky manner however, I wouldn't say it is rare but it happens very rarely."

Four accomplices took flight on scooters.

The thieves had to abandon some of their loot as they made their getaway.

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