12 Creepy TikToks That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie

Stacey Grant
Photo credit: @infernumasylum/TikTok; @jannet.regina/TikTok; @thehauntedyouth/TikTok

From Seventeen

By now, you're probably caught up on all the latest TikTok drama, gossip, and trends. You can dance like Charli D'Amelio or Addison Rae, and you can name all the TikTok couples from memory. (That's actually really impressive, FYI.)

If you're tired of making the same ol' videos and are looking for your next idea, look no further. These ~scary~ TikToks are sure to inspire your inner Stephen King and create your own spooky vid. And for an extra dose of pizzazz, you may wanna invest in some dope lights and insanely cool editing apps to help give your #art a leg up on the "For You" page.

1. When your dummy comes alive

Real talk, TikTok user @jannet.regina's whole page is filled with awesome and spooky horror vids.

2. When the dishes unite and attack you

3. When the door is locked, but not really

4. When someone tells a truly creepy two sentence horror story

5. When you only thought you were home alone

6. When your reflection isn't your reflection

7. When your Amazon Alexa is NOT your friend

8. When you're practicing TikTok transitions and then realize your house may low-key be haunted...

Apparently, it was only her cat's tail, not a ghost, but still!

9. When the thing you caught in your house is suddenly missing

10. When you're a little too good at SFX makeup

11. Seriously, when you're REALLY good at SFX makeup

12. When things go from 0-100 real quick

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